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  1. I never take offence at the lack of a response on a forum.


    I appreciate that members have lives, etc and that sometimes my posts are a little oblique or highlight an area which has no immediate answer. But thanks Texas for clarifing.


    I think it's mainly for practical shotgun comps and there are people over here who do that.


    The M2 seems pretty much sorted in any event, but I know how you lot love your extras.:D


    If only we could have M4's then it would be a different story!


    Thanks for all the info, I'll post anything useful I find here.

    Giv me your ZIP, I will air Lift them over your way.

  2. im quite sure IF anyone here had an M2 with mods they'd speak up. so that should tell you they are not being rude, they most likely dont own an M2 mod'd out!!;)

    I have one duck taped to my **** Cat. Does that qualify as a MOD?

  3. Does anyone know what the restriction measurment is on the full choke of my M2 that came with the shotgun when I bought it? Just curious I am debating buying a turkey choke. But I am going to pattern the full choke first,,,,Thanks.
    Look in the Manual. It will tell you all the size info.
  4. I just left a Dead 1300 today. Was told needed a $400.00 water pump. I locked @ the plates. All separated. Was not going to to a water pump in this Boat Anchor.

  5. come on ZEE, thats what my grenades and claymores are for!! and hey, how'd those pmags shoot for ya?? or can ya see far enough to shoot them ya ole BUZZARD??!!:D

    Man, you clear all that Ice from that KM1300. Let me worry about Guns and Bayonets.

  6. Tex, I was also ordering that part as well until I saw Back Order. I just went with the Messa Push Button Sling Swivel instead. $26.00 shipped. C/C was not charged till item shipped. I waited about 4 days with no email about my order. It was also on Back order. But the web site did not inform me before I placed the order. Now On to another concern, the Bolt that holds the Swivel was striped. Pattie told me to call Messa. I did just that. A new replacement is on its was buy Snail Mail.

  7. i bought the CCM bolt release pad this past sunday, paid w/ C.C. and this is the email i got today. "we have these on order and hope to have them soon. we will ship as soon as they arrive. your order has been placed in the following status, on backorder. thanks Patti"also shipping was 9.95 for a part the size of a nickel. WTF???:mad::mad: what ever happened to having sh-t in stock or at least putting in the item for sale description, "out of stock"!! not to mention it takes 5 days to tell you they dont have it?????? if i ordered it from another site that has it, i'd have it already!!!!! WTF??????????? I TRUELY HATE BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!

    I spoke to her today about another matter. The check out page if you look real close in red letter, states not in stock.

  8. What the heck does one do about ammo that has rusted inside a magazine (HK/223)... the Mags are reusable, they didnt do much of the rusting, but is it safe to handle? I have never seen ammo rust like this, the brass is pretty green and crusty. I guess what I want to know is , is it safe to handle? Any recommendations on how to get the ammo out of the mags?


    thanks in advance boyz!

    Just remove the Floor plate and be done with it. Burn the old stuff. Save the $65. HK 33 53 93 Mag.

  9. its so amusing to me when someone suggests putting a bayonet on anything!! i understand fighting on an island in the south pacific. but for around the house/urban setting i can just imagine walking around a corner and sticking your wife!!:D i dont want a bayonet on anything. if i run out of ammo and dont take down every intruder in my house w/ all the loaded guns i have, i deserve to die.:o

    Man you really need one in Texas. What if a Bull charged you and the M4 Jammed? And with all those unmarked Graves, Who knows how many unidentifiable Zombies are lose attaching M4 owners.

  10. My dealer (Valley Weaponry in Wintersville, OH) said $160 new from Benelli. If your take-off is like new or close and you want to sell it for $135, I'll take it.
    I think your dealer is far from perfect. $400. new verses $160.00 used. That is a high mark up.
  11. Update ---- Vances called me yesterday to tell me 2 things:

    1) The Comfortech stoch that I ordered and paid for in full ($140) is in.

    2) They made a mistake and the price is not $140, but rather $399



    I knew your offer was incorrect. I looked up the prices, and found $400.00 and up. I guess you lose your deposit if you refuse to pay the ops; new price.
  12. That's strange Steven, I haven't heard of this but it sounds like you would need to replace the entire tube with a full length tube (as opposed to a screw on extension) if you want to increase capacity.


    Take Care,


    Hookster :)

    I second the motion. zee

  13. GERMAN SOLDIER???:eek: why not american soldier?? HEY!! who are you and what did you do with ZEE??:D
    Well I only had @ the time a German Helmet and Boots. I was only 15 years old. He did notice the fresh paint and trim repair. I just made up some story about remoulding the Bathroom. yea, I was standing in front of the Vanity. Said something like "every body rouse" at that time I pulled the cocking back, and buy mistake pulled the trigger. I always remember now to make sure the safety is on and working. I tell you it was extremely loud.
  14. hey ZEE, yes his 14" barrel will fit your m4. but you will then need to register your m4 as an SBS and pay "the MAN"!!:D

    I know another $200 and the local Sheriff $50 admonishing fee. The long 3-4 month wait till I receive one of my applications back. I just want to help pore Obama buy spending some cash.

  15. ummm... before? hahaha! thanks for the replies. there's a gun ban now where i'm from, just got the m4 last friday. although i've fired a few, i'ts my first shotgun and i wanna practice with it at home (handling, maneuvering, loading and unloading etc.). i'm getting the hang of it, but once in the while i release the bolt freely or fire it after racking without my dummy shell. i'll get used to it soon, just hope that my learning curve isn't taking it's toll on the m4. hope this explains some things....

    I would be extremely careful with all that movement with your new M4. I remember when I was a kid playing German Soldier. I had a MP40 with a loaded magazine. Well it fired from open bolt. 4 rounds went off on the house before I realized it. Blew out one window pain and mess up the window trim. I Had to go and pick up all this material and fix this room before my Uncle came home. After that experience, it was several years before I picked up another Firearm. zee.

  16. Carlson. Do not order the Crio chokes. You can also call them. Cabela's also was a good source. Spoke with a rep who had a lot of good info. Called Benelli and they forwarded me to Cabela's. Interesting.

    Yea, I did the Cabela's call as well last year. That got me nowhere. I will try again.

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