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  1. Greetings,


    I am thinking of taking my Benelli M4 SBS and removing it from the NFA registery. I then would like to sell the barrel and receiver with bolt group. The weapon has been test fired only. The barrel has a meprolight front sight post and the receiver has the meprolight rear sights. I do not have a stock available.


    The barrel is a factory 14" and not a chop job.


    Selling the barrel for $1000.00 and the complete receiver for $500.00. Seeing that a new 18" barrel runs close to $900.00 and that you can't find a factory 14" barrel anywhere, I think its a fair deal. The receiver comes with the bolt, trigger group and recoil tube that is set up for the collapsable stock.


    Thank you.

    I might buy the 14 inch O.E.M barrel. Question, have you installed the 14 on any 18 with out removing Bolt Group and firing it. I understand the legality in doing so on a different Receiver. I would want to exchange Barrel only and Form one a existing M4. so you understand my question. Thanks, zee.
  2. WHY do people make it OTHER peoples responsibility to see if certain items are legal or not, to purchase and assemble as well???? whatever happened to self reliance???;) YOU know???, research something before YOU buy it!!! COME ON there IP, i can buy full auto trigger groups online for my ar15 but you dont see me buying them and making it the manufacturers responsibility to tell me NOT to put it on my AR!!! i KNOW ITS ILLEGAL and if i didnt know the facts i would do some RESEARCH on the subject!!! i just wish people WOULD QUIT BEING SOOOOOOOOOO LAZY!!!!! if one doesnt know the particular laws in their own state, well then they are STUPID to purchase or try to add firearm parts to a weapon!!!!!!!! one more reason this country is sooooooooo F&^KED-UP, LAZYNESS!!!!!!!!!:cool:

    You read my mind concerning the ridiculous Question. I want to burn Jet Fuel in my 67 Ford Mustang. I should ask Ford if this is a stupid idea or not.

  3. Greetings All,

    As I sit here an type I Am awaiting for my used tactical M2 to arrive this week. Iam soo excited. I had my heart really set on the M4 but as washington, dc would have it. The pistol grip is a no go so I had to get a M2 instead w/o the grip. :cool: I have been lurking for a while and a thanks to all the knowledge the forum is offering.

    Pick up that Pistol Grip Stock @ Numrich e-gunparts.com less than $300.00 dead Presidents.

  4. Z, check out this thread.


    I changed out my choke to a rifled choke for hunting (no sabot slugs) and just picked up a Carlson's Breacher choke in IC so it can shoot rifled slugs and 00 with no issues. I've read that some folks were having some issues with the MOD choke and certain brands of ammo. hope this helps.

    I am not @ all Savoy with locating any M4 chokes. All them thread difference's mess me up.

  5. It will cause more wear and tear than not doing it, but I don't think it will break it. The whole point is...why? That's like asking if kicking the tires on my car as hard as I can will hurt anything. No, not really, but wtf?

    A broken toe and or foot Amby.

  6. Probably some old gun smith only familiar with antique fire arms told you that. Man slam and dance with that pretty bolt carrier. You could drop it from 1200 feet, pull the bolt back and empty the mag with out any improper functions. I am going up in a Huey Sunday. I just might try doing just, that @ 350 feet. I will try to target a swimming pool on the first drop.

  7. What up, how you doing? Just got a Benelli M2 tactical with the 18.5" barrel. I'm looking to get a mag extension and came up with a few options, DMW, etc...


    What I don't want is my mag extender sticking out further than the barrel. Any help would be appreciated.


    thanks in advance,


    I do have a extra after market. I fixed your spelling on the word tactical. zee
  8. :)
    that's some good eyes there for an ole flyboy!!:D hey Z, what was it like to be a test pilot for the WRIGHT BROTHERS??
    I landed in the mud after 34 seconds. I do the same when I drive a vehicle. Always scanning instrument panel. When I flew the U2, every 15 Min's, made adjustment with ******** top secret. That JAF burns fast. Less weight, go faster.
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