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  1. and UNO, ill agree with you. Mr BIGHAT,:rolleyes: thus the macho name, sure DOES NOT in any way carry himself to be ANY kind of officer material in ANYONES military!!! and IF by chance he was, he was probably dishonorable discharged for SOME STUPID actions while actively on duty im SURE!!!:p

    Get a copy, DD214

  2. Yes, that was what I was thinking. If rail covers are install, than it is almost a Pringle Can size. The factory Grips are large enough already. Now John Wayne would have no issues. We kept flying over the Alamo Set during filming. Mr. Wayne met up with us one day. Funny A sole Indian on horse back, than a F4 flying in the back set @ 170 knots.

  3. Yes sir, I did the same email question. Awaiting their response. Man do you think it it that difficult to stamp a piece of tin? You know I can fab up a die and press it marked Made in USA with the Chuck tools and equipment I have. Just lit the Wood Burner Stove for the first time this season. 44 degrees in Florida this AM.

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