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  1. Spike100, I think the Vinci is excellent. I have shoot over 600 rounds of trap with no failures or jams. Gun performed great on the pheasant hunt. Love the feel, and how easy it takes down for cleaning. Lite and easy to shoulder. Glad I purchased it, and can't wait for my next Pheasant hunt...

  2. First, thanks for all the replies. I ended up using Fiocchi Golden Pheasant #6 with a Improved Cylinder. There were three hunters, and 15 Roosters. I successfully took 4, and double shoot at least 2 others. Collectively we took 10 of 15. I was impressed at the speed of the Fiocchi, and their killing ability. I now have my early season setup. Will probably go out again in the next month for more fun. Really enjoying upland hunting, and my Benelli Vinci...:)

  3. Hi all, looking for some advice on what load to use for Pa. Pheasant hunting. We will be using dogs, that point, so based on what the owner said, the shots will probably be close, maybe 15 or 20 yards. I will be using a Vinci 12 guage. The owner of the place recommended high brass #6 shot. I'm new to this, so any suggestions will be very helpful. :)

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