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  1. man, thanks so much. for the italian custom and law, this is not condidered as gun parts (we have a different classification here) so for me any problem to receive it. using my friend there... should be a way.. i have to find a new guy m cause i bought a lot of parts for my new mossberg 590 sp in december.. and i asked help a lot.. so i dont want to bother so much.. at least.. u could ship it as personal item and not from the factory, declare it on custom form as mechanical parts, and ship it with usps international express mail. i will have it in 5 days without any problem, for me and you. ;-)
  2. in usa...lol im an old ebay seller of m1 garand stuff there in usa and i still have some friends there can help me having parts not so easy to have here in italy. well i still dont have it in my hands, i will have. as i got all the parts needed to customize my 4 ar15... i really dont know why all this parts are not availble for export there.... or.. the parts that arrive here.. cost double than there...
  3. the m4 will come with full lenght tube here, but i as i bought the surefire m80 and the sidearmor rail with saddle side, i wish to save some weight using the titanium mag tube
  4. hi guys im in italy and i will have a new m1014 soon..hope in a couple of days... now... i want the titanium titanium mag tube too... Kip.. how can i have it????
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