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  1. Ok, that makes sense If you had them laying around. But hypothetically of course, if you didn't have those laying around what rings would you choose? I'm not looking to remove this scope once it's on there.
  2. Whats the point of quick detach rings on a cantilever? Kinda defeats the purpose doesn't it?
  3. No, I think you have me misunderstood. I want the comfortech recoil pad, not the stock. I love my steady grip stock. The pad goes for 100$ on the Benelli store
  4. Thanks again KB, will look at those Warne QD rings. I have a limbsaver slip on that fits perfect on my supernova, but makes the LOP too far for me. Maybe I could take off the nova recoil pad and throw the slip on on they're? Don't really know how that would work BTW, have you sighted that bad boy in yet, how does it group? Any more suggestions would be appreciated
  5. I have a Supernova and am purchasing a Badger Cantilever Rifled Barrel for it for deer hunting, with alot of thanks to someone on this forum for the help. My question is.......What are a good set of rings to hold up to the abuse of that 12 gauge recoil? I've heard alot of good things about Burris Signature Zee rings and of course Leupold rings. Also, I'm not sure if I should get low, medium, high? The cantilever will be sticking up quite aways, I wouldn't imagine the need for high's, but of course open to all suggestions. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BTW, I will be mounting a Leupold VX-1 2x7 shotgun scope on it. Also, I'll throw this random question out in hopes to save another thread or call to benelli: I want the comfortech recoil pad but not sure which length to get? I have the steady grip stock with a really uncomfortable stock recoil pad. I went through Turkey season this year with it, and those 3-1/2 inchers put me on my ***. I would like to enjoy shooting my shotgun from time to time lol. Thanks in advance for the help, Trey.
  6. I called them earlier today. They said they don't offer the rifled sites anymore, only cantilever Anyone have any reccommendtions on a good scope. I would say low power would be best. I would prefer something along the lines of a red dot though because I do alot of driving but I also hunt in my Lone Wolf alot too so i want some range. Not sure really what to do?
  7. Alright KB I will try that. I'll give them a call Tuesday, and see what they offer. Btw, what scope is that? looks really nice
  8. WOW, thats really nice, thanks for the info, and that is really a great price! I love the cantilever mount on the barrel, that is just awesome! I'm assuming that badger makes Supernova Barrels, how would I go about ordering one of these barrels? Do they accept paypal? Also, I don't really want a scope on my gun, does the barrel come with sights already installed, or is that even possible? Sorry for the long post response, I just woke up lol. edit: nice ammo btw, I've been using that with a briley rifled choke with pretty good accuracy
  9. This is my first post on the benelli forums so sorry in advance if this question has been posted a thousand times I've been looking for a rifled slug barrel for my Supernova for deer and can't seem to find one anywhere. I've heard Benelli doesn't make them anymore, but maybe I can get one special ordered? What would I be paying for one of those? The ones that I've seen online were between 400-600$(ouch!) That's almost twice what I paid for the gun! Also, I've been researching this quite extensively and have come across alot of talk on a barrel making company in Wisconsin called Badger Barrels. Any one have any insight on them?(pricing, service, quality) Thanks alot, Trey.
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