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  1. Don't have pictures uploaded yet but tried out 4 different shells this past weekend, all with a SBE2 with modified choke. All shot's were taken at 30 yards on a 15 x 15 target (it was all we had at the time; I know...not the best to pattern on, but we made it work.)


    Winchester Blind Side - Best pattern out of the 4 shells; the hex shot destroyed the target, with huge holes. Counted over 90 bb's on target with 3" #2's. Tested 4 shells, minimal gaps in the pattern, all shots would have been kill shots.


    Remington Hypersonic - 2nd best pattern, one helluva kick to them. You can tell they pack more punch than your standard 3" shell. I have to wonder what the 3.5" would feel like. Good pattern, but had a few gaps. Still put 60-80 bb's on target, tried a few shells each with about the same result. It looked and felt like it shot a bit high each time.


    Kent Fasteel - 3rd best pattern; not bad, not great. Heard great things with them from a lot of guys, just didn't see anythign spectacular on the pattern. Only tried 2 shells and each was decent.


    BlackCloud - Only tried one shell just to check out the pattern, as I've had mixed thoughts in the past. I haven't had good luck with these shells so hate to be biased as I know some guys will only use these shells, but just didn't think it was as good as they claim to be. Holes in the pattern, could be considered a kill shot but I would use the three shells above before these. Sorry BC....you just don't get it done for me.


    Couple things I noticed. We had some rubber tire around the outside of the paper we used to pattern. Every time we shot with the Blind Side, you could see the bb's embed themselves into the tire, completely, and sometimes just halfway in. With the other bb's they only put a small hole in the rubber, not passing completely through. Maybe this has something to do with the way they are shaped, and maybe said something about how they go into your kill - not certain. The Remington Hypersonic as I said before, always shot high, and had holes in the pattern. Each time we shot, the wad would go at least 20 yards and frayed out in 4 directions each time, you can tell they try to hold the bb's longer, not sure if it helps thought. I'll try to get some pictures up to show results.


    Thoughts anyone?

  2. Patternmaster! Patternmaster! Patternmaster. After shooting Kicks, Carlson, Crio, it will be only tube I ever buy again! The patternmaster doesn't choke your shot, it simply allows the shot to leave the barrel undesturbed by the wad or gases.


    Which patternmaster choke do you use? I've heard good things about them as well. Also, what type of gun are you using it with?

  3. Just purchased a box of the Blind Sides, haven't had a chance to pattern them yet. Seems like a lot of great reviews and a few sub-par ones as well. In most cases as long as you put the bead on the bird within range you should kill it, so I feel that if you can put a few more bb's in your shell it should increase your chances. Who can agrue with that? From what most reviews are saying, it sounds like the downrange velocity decreases significantly, which is why Winchester put their special shotcup to hold the bb's longer. Sounds awfully similar to what black cloud did with their shells.....and I don't think I'll be using black clouds ever again after seeing the pattern they have in my SBE2. All depends on how your gun shoots with different shells.

  4. Did you try any other choke combination beside the long range extended tube?


    Haven't tried any other choke tube, never have tried any before purchasing the Carlson's, so still new to using them for duck or goose hunting. My hunt club partner purchased the Carlson's Mid Range choke tube as he was shooting black clouds as well, and the pattern on that wasn't any better. We are in the process of getting our property ready for duck opener (October 22nd, in Iowa), so I went out and purchased a few boxes of different shells to try out. Also, I've switched to just the factory modified choke that Benelli SBE2 supplies you with. I'm wondering if it will pattern better.....we don't take many shots over 50 yards.

  5. Shooting a SBE2 I purchased the Carlson's Long Range extended choke tube, and patterned them with the Black Cloud Shells. Had a hard season last year, hit many ducks that didn't die on impact, and mutliple missed shots. I started shooting the Black Cloud shells without patterning them first, and I after looking at the pattern I won't use them again. Tried three different rounds: 3.5" BB, 3" #2, and 3.5" #2. All were great at 30 yrds, no difference between the shell as far as the pellets on the pattern, but over 30 feet the pattern was very poor. Tried 40 yrds and 50 yrds and the pattern is spread out significantly.

  6. What a great looking pattern! Mine didn't turn out a thing like that; the only 3.5" shell I used was BB, but you would think it would look SIMILAR to yours, but it definitely wasn't. Looks like you found the choke for your gun! You shooting a SBE2?

  7. I'm trying to find the same answer myself. I have the SBE2 as well, with a long range extended Carlson choke. Anyone please correct me if I'm wrong, but the idea behind having a Carlson extended choke (meant for Black Cloud shells), is that the wad will stay with the BB's longer, causing the BB's to hold their pattern for a longer distance. The long range choke states it will hold up to nearly 80 yards. I haven't heard that they would protect the end of the barrel.


    I patterned my gun with that specific choke tube at 30, 40, and 50 yards, and was disappointed to say the least. The only kill shot would have been at 30 yards, and I didn't dare try past 50 after I saw the results. I tried each of these distances with Black Cloud shells, Long Range Carlson choke, with #2, #4, and BB, all steel shot. I only patterned those shells with that choke tube, but didn't have enough time to compare it to the standard choke tubes that Benelli supplies you with - I'm actually excited to try the regular tubes to see if they are just as good - hopefully better.


    I missed straight on shots last year with the Carlson choke and with multiple types of shells, and after seeing my pattern I now know why. I've gone though boxes of clays with my standard open choke with misses few and far between. Standard chokes may be the way to go? Don't know if this helps, but thats my take.

  8. What's everybody's take on best ammo for the SBE2? I've had mine for years and can't seem to find the best shot pattern. I have a Carlson's long range choke tube, but it doesn't pattern well at all even with black cloud shells.


    In fact, I haven't had a black cloud shell that has patterned well at all. Shooter error? I'd hope not.... Standing still at multiple distances right on target and was still disappointed. The only pattern that looked like a kill shot was at 30 yards.


    Keep using the aftermarket choke?

    Switch away from Black Cloud shells?

    Any suggestions?



    "If it flies it dies!"

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