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  1. A little off center is ok with the right handed guns but not good with the left handers. It will cause feeding and loading problems with LH. SBE had the solid aluminum guard and the SBEII has the plastic one. I don't think it holds up as well against the leverage of the longer carrier. It is a bit unsightly too. If the carrier is dragging the receiver any, of course, that's bad.

  2. Chemically? I think you're looking too much into it. If there was a barrel to receiver fit issue, you wouldn't be able to assemble it. If it's aligned, it's aligned. Looked up the Geco ammo, never shot it or bought any. I try to keep it real in what I'm using so I can get it anywhere and trust the results. How about using a standard Fed or Remington rifled 2 3/4" 1oz slug. I don't think the problem lies elsewhere except in the ammo. I've shot way too many different M2 Tac's in my life to know that some of this whiz-bang-frangible, I paid way too much for this ammo stuff doesn't work well usually. Except for the rare case, I have always been able to get them to shoot straight and have centered sights. Usually the problem is the ammo, leaded barrel or shooter. If the barrel looks like a mirror finish on the inside, that means it's clean. Now reduced to ammo and/or shooter problem.

  3. I agree. Whacking is not a good idea. You are using a smoothbore barrel and Benelli barrels do have a tendency to lead up very badly which will throw the shots. Have you cleaned the lead out? Inspect it and if it is heavily leaded you will need a Hoppes Tornado stainless steel spiral wound brush. Use it dry with a solid rod and with much scrubbing it will remove the lead and not harm the chrome in the barrel. It only takes about 5 to 10 slugs to lead up a bore to where it will effect accuracy. Exactly what brand, size and velocity slug are you using as that may be the problem.

  4. Probably would be best to use a new ejector and spring. They are easy to install. Just get the round part started and push it forward in the groove until the rear tab of the ejector hits that raised ring in the barrel extension. Then, put the blade of a flat blade screwdriver on the back of the ejector tooth and hit the screwdriver handle with your palm or a light hammer to drive it over the ring. Next, work the spring in the hole that is in the front of the ejector until the ejector is all the way forward and there are a few coils are left showing. Then, use a small blade screwdriver to push the rest of the ejector spring in and let the closed end of the spring catch on that little tooth that you can see in that hole an you're done.

  5. Oh BTW, didn't know if you were using a smoothbore or not but if using a smoothbore, make sure to clean the lead out. Heavy leading will greatly effect the accuracy. Get a Hoppes Tornado brush to do this. Probably wouldn't hurt to invest in a rifled choke either, found they work pretty damn good.

  6. The twist is a 1 in 28. Test results prove that the slower, 1500fps slugs work the best so if you're trying to use the super fast slugs, it will throw them. I use the Remington 2 3/4" 1oz Premier copper solids 1450fps and get 1.5" groups at 100 yards. Make sure the scope and base are mounted properly.

  7. I have seen some do this. One fix is to check the LH action bar. Remove the screw holding the bar and check it with a straight edge to see if it is bent. Whether it is straight or especially if it is bent slightly in wards is bad. Put the cam surface if the action bar on a V block and take a dull cold chisel or flat blade screw driver at that point and hit it with a hammer just enough to give it an outward bend. This will make the action bar move the LH shell latch over a little more and give enough motion for it to allow the shell to release.

  8. if you have the older silver flake on black forend then yes they do wear and even become tacky after a while. They only come in solid black now. I'd suggest sending the stock and forend to Benelli and They would probably set you up with a new set.

  9. One quick and easy check. Assemble the gun, make sure the hammers are cocked then take the forend and barrels off. Shake the receiver from front to back. If the cocking rod in the receiver moves or rattles back and forth more than 1/16 of an inch then the hammer cam spring is broken. This will keep the cocking cam from resetting and slow the hammer drop on occasion causing intermittent misfires. Difficult to replace without specialty tools. Let the Franchi people take care of it. Pretty sure they will take care of it under warranty.

  10. 1. Check the extractor cut on the barrel for any burrs/gouges, carefully remove them with a small file if necessary.

    2. Check extractor for wear or roughness. Replace if necessary.

    3. Oil the recoil assembly, bolt and bolt rails. Try these first then get back to me if this doesn't work.

  11. If you buy a slug gun yes, any other M2, M1 barrel will fit and yes, since the slug barrel has a larger outer diameter barrel dimension you will also need a standard forend if you put any other barrel on it to keep the forend from rattling around.

  12. Not a hard fix. Heat up the extension with a heat gun, not a flame, to get it the rest of the way off. Clean up the threads on the barrel and extension to very clean and dry, dry, dry. Use Loctite red 241. Apply to about 3 or 4 threads of the barrel and screw the extension back on and line up by eye. Put the barrel back on the gun, mag cap almost tight and do a final rib lineup with the receiver, tighten the mag cap fully checking multiple times the alignment of the rib. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes and you're ready to go.

  13. Yes, they are the same. Some of the very old ones had a round handle and bolt handle cut in the bolt body back towards 92, 93. They are just talking current production. If you want camo the way you're talking it will cost about 1000.00 BTW Comfort Tech stuff will not fit the SBE1 (at least the stock). I'd just send it out to a camo company to have it coated. May only be about 350.00. Many to choose from on the net.

  14. I've never seen a Vinci that would cycle a 7/8oz load. Anyhow, these things won't work if they are dry of oil either. Pull the barrel off with the bolt in it and you should see marks inside where the bolt rubs. Suggest a 30 weight synthetic oil and drizzle it along those marks. Also, apply the same oil to the action spring and bar running along the top of the bolt. That should slick it up and let it move.

  15. If it hasn't been fired much I'd at least use a heavy target/heavy dove load. Also, cleaning is good but make sure you oil it properly. A slight trace of oil isn't enough. No oil and dry it won't cycle a 3 1/2" shell. Bolt rails and recoil assembly mostly. Remember it's a gun designed to handle 3 1/2's so wimpy loads won't work.

  16. It doesn't mean you have a kink in the mag tube, it could have a gentle slope in it which will not affect the feeding but will misalign the barrel/bbl extension. Also, like Truckcop says, you could have a barrel issue (hanger alignment, extension threads, barrel threads). Switching the parts is a good idea to help narrow the problem.

  17. Still, you shouldn't have to do any of that to the barrel extension or bolt. Sounds like you have a bent barrel extension or mag tube. From the sounds of it the tube could be bent upwards if it is. Could the gun have taken a hit while it was in a soft case?

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