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  1. Yes. They have steel parts so they would apparently be out.


    I've shot them quite a bit and when they first came out, a lot of folks just thought they were like novelties or something but I took a chance and grabbed a crap-load on the cheap so I've shot quite a few of them and believe they are some incredibly scary little monsters. Both the Dupo and the Hexolit.


    I think if you give the 1600fps Tru-balls a solid whirl, they will probably serve you well but don't drop down to the low recoils. They too will get squirrely as **** after 75 feet. You can hit stuff but I certainly wouldn't walk into a competition expecting to be able to count on them solidly for much over 50 yards.


    I've shot the 1600 fps tru-balls out to 200 yards at steel and although they aren't consistent that far, I hit a 16 inch gong one day for 6 out of 10 from the bench which I figured was pretty damn good.


    Good luck with your search.

  2. I saw mention of the Hexolit32s. They are not bad for accuracy but I've shot them as well as the Dupo28 quite a bit. The 1600fps tru-balls will beat them both for accuracy but between the 2 at 100 yards, the Dupo28 definitely has the edge - probably due to the 1610fps of the dupo and only 1410 from the Hexolit.


    For flat out damaging stuff the tru-balls can't touch either one but in 3-gun, I don't believe anyone cares about damage, just hitting what they are aiming at and the tru-balls would be my choice for this. I realistically can make headshots 8 for 10 on silhouette targets all day with tru-balls at 100. The others are good out to 75 for that but then start getting squirrely.


    My usual range doesn't allow buckshot so I shoot slug almost exclusively when I'm there and these are my three primary choices for slugs of any type.


    I have an IC choke in my M4.

  3. Not anything I would want. When you screw it on, how can they guarantee the threads are going to stop with the switch in the best position for you?


    Also, since mine is a full time 10 shot anyway, I'd end up losing a round so it's a no-go from what I see at this point.

  4. Still don't understand the value of an E-O Tech on a shotgun. I think a simple Red Dot Sight would be more practical.


    I've had the same $29 Global Sportsman Reflex site on mine that I put on it almost 2 years ago. Head-shots at 100 yards from the bench and easy body shots standing out to 100 and on down all day.


    I have a spare already zeroed for it that I've got for when/of it dies and even if I only got 2 years per sight, I'd go 30 years before I spent enough to pay for an EOTECH...


    Call me cheap if you want but I've never been able to justify, even to myself, spending the money on an eotech.

  5. Since I've gotten some deals on here, I thought I would bring a couple of things I'm "letting go" in here first before I put em on the "bidding sites".


    I have an immaculate Factory M4 Field Stock for $175 (shipping included) Paypal will work.


    I tried it on my gun at one point but never fired it and now just wanna let it go.




    1 factory tube, factory 2 round extension and a Magazine cap that'll all go for $75.00. (shipping included) Paypal again.



    If anyone buying either of the other parts would also like some odds and ends I can thrown in, just say so. I have a stock follower, a factory bolt handle, a factory stock without the handgrip but a handgrip from a mesa urbino stock that can come with it and a set of factory hand guards as well as a promag set. Good for a tinkering guy that may need parts to play with.


    I have no use for em and if you buy either item and want a few extras, just name em and I'll toss em in the box.

  6. My friend has a Mossberg 930SPX and he can blow off ammo just as well as you can with your Benelli. For hundreds less!


    *similar logic*


    The DMW tube is functional, yes.


    You "pitch" the stuff you swear by and I'll do the same. This is a "forum". I didn't insult anyone's work. I simply stated my logic and my happiness with a product.


    And I'm guessing your buddy with the 930SPX can blow off ammo just as well as you can also since I don't believe there would be ANY difference in the performance of ANY M4 based solely on the differences between a CC tube and a DMW tube unless you have some kind of evidence to the contrary which I would be happy to review.

  7. I've got a $75.00 Dave's Metal Works tube on my 10 shot M4 as well as his bolt release and have been VERY happy with the fit and performance of both.


    I can blow off ammo just as fast with my DMW tube as someone else can with a CC tube and I'll be doing it with with around 200 rounds of ammo that were essentially paid for with my savings.


    I have never had a single issue with my tube or bolt release.

  8. Good write-up UBT. I agree 100% with your logic AND spring choice as well. When I decided to try and make mine a full time 10 shot, it was Kip's spring that made the whole thing come together perfectly although I have a "Dave's Metal Works" tube and a 1 of a kind extension cap for it.


    I tried several springs that I had built up over time and bought a couple of others that were "OK" but when my springs arrived from Carrier Comp, I knew Kip's was going to be the very last spring I'd ever buy for my M4. Everything fell right in to place and even with a full 8 rounds in the magazine, I never have any issues and can blast off pretty much any ammo out there - I can even run 7 in the tube of all of the oddly sized ammo.


    I was never much worried about weight so I never really saw the logic (for my needs) in throwing that kind of cash for titanium but for me, money is always a factor so one of Kip's tubes, although I'm sure they are spectacular, just wasn't in the cards and I am more than happy with what I have.


    I don't have any use for "show weapons" and I build my weapons to work for "me" and not to fit any molds other than what I know I need and my own personal strengths and/or weaknesses so whatever I own, although it may not have the most "popular" choices of parts, works for my needs and will always be something I can depend on.


    Thanks for the write up. Those are good words up there.

  9. Seems that the consensus is : yes, it does require break in. I was one of the lucky few who got one that fired everything from low brass birdshot to slugs right out of the box. I did, however, strip it down and lube everything up really well prior to shooting.....I do that with any new gun.


    I can never understand why EVERYONE doesn't do this. I have never once taken anything to the range that I didn't know inside and out before I got there as well as cleaning, and I mean "detailing" every nook and cranny from the day it got home so I knew all of those little pain in the butt spots I was going to have to take extra care on later.


    Dis-assembling and cleaning any new weapon, no matter what it is, before a trip to the range should be a requirement with anyone who purchases fire-arms - new OR used.


    I would consider that just a common sense thing so I'm glad you mentioned it.

  10. Get yourself 100 or so Federal Tru Ball slugs. The 1600 fps ones. Blast em all through, give it a cleaning and then go back to the Fiocci and give it another try.


    The first ammo I shot through mine was all heavy stuff and I've never had an issue.


    The action brand new is like night and day compared to what it is like once you've put several hundred rounds through it so whether anyone confirms there is an "official break in period" or not, I say there is.


    Get some full strength slugs and shoot em for a couple of trips and you'll be shooting skeet before you know it.

  11. I have a "Global Sportsman" reflex on mine. Been on there over a year, put over a thousand slugs downrange with it and still make consistent head shots at will out to 100 with it. I think I paid 29 bucks on Amazon with free shipping...:cool:


    It works so well, I bought a spare in case it fell apart or got smashed or something. I zeroed the spare, placed it back in the box in my range bag and it's been there ever since. The first one is still kickin butt without a hiccup.

  12. I wouldn't say "it goes right on" but it DOES go on there and when you get it on, you'll be looking at it going "oh wow, the fit isn't PERFECT, this stinks" but after a little squeezing here and pushing there, it'll get close enough that once you take it out shooting a couple more times, you suddenly realize the darn thing is in place and looks like it was born there.


    I did this and it does take some prodding but it'll go and what doesn't fit when you do it at home, will fall into place as you handle it at the range.


    I love my urbino stock and wouldn't trade it for all the adjustables in the world. I got them on my ARs and prefer to solid stock on my shotguns.


    But it's a preference thing and everyone is different...

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