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  1. i own a supernova, and I must say, it is the most amazing thing for skeet/trap/sporting clays, forget about the pump, i can rack in another round in about half a second, so thats really not a problem. they are light, nimble and have almost no felt recoil, i can hold the gun about a half inch off of my shoulder when i shoot it, and it barely touches it, i love it. the midbead makes it nice for lining up the targets quickly to make sure you have a good shot

  2. Hello all, I have a supernova feild in max 4 camo, and im getting a contour roam helmet camera for quad riding with my freind, and I want to find a way to mount my contour camera to my gun without compromising my sight picture, i do a lot of clay shooting and waterfowl hunting, and would like to record the hunts and sporting clay shooting, i have seen a picatinny rail mount for the top of the supernova tactical, and there is a pictatinny rail mount for the camera, is there a way that i can keep the standard sights, and get a picatinny rail for the side of the gun? i also would take any suggestions on mounting ideas that wouldnt require drilling into the gun, but if i have to, i will, you can check out all the camera mounting options on amazon.


    thanks for the help!

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