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  1. For the ppl new to Armslist, it is no different than any other online forum for buying and selling, there are, and always will be people trying to take advantage of others. This listing is a perfect example and has all the hallmarks of a scam. 1) A relatively rare, high dollar item, 2) No city listed (Arizona, Arizona), 3) No phone number listed, 4) Listings by user reveals 2 other relatively rare, high dollar items for sale - FN SCAR and Keltec KSG, 5) I haven't verified it with this listing, but about 9 times out of 10 you can find the same item with the same pics on GunBroker, GunsAmerica, AuctionArms, etc. IOW, the poster 'steals' the pics from a legitimate listing on another site. 6) Often you can find identical Armslist listings with identical pictures and verbiage in multiple cities and/or states.

    These are just some I the things I have noticed that are common with these scam listings, others may have additional insight. When you see these, FLAG THEM..Armslist requires very few people to flag the item before it gets removed - I'm not certain what the number is but I think it is 3 - 5 unique 'flags'. Just my $.02...

  2. Thank you. I did see this one. Unfortunately, it is the California compliant model and not one that interests me. But, thank you for bringing this to my attention.


    The M1014 in that GB auction is the same as *all* the commercially available ones. The seller clearly has a limited knowledge of what he has. There is no 'California compliant model' variant of the M1014. ...but alas, it's sold anyway.


    Here is the latest one posted:


  3. OK..my apologies...you are selling the +2 ext tube vs. the faux extention / spacer...your price is not out of the ball park on that piece. Previous statement still applies to the 5 rnd mag tube though.

    As far as that GB auction goes, you gotta be careful with that 'DELMASFINA' guy... ;)

  4. A little free advice - (take it for what it's worth)...you'd do better starting them each at $50 OBO instead of $150 (which is more than what new ones cost from some sources). Even then, you'll have a hard time selling them.

  5. The KZ is a one piece oval shaped unit, all machined from one piece that doesn't reduce to smaller parts. The only separate piece is the top 'mono-rail' which replaces the factory rail and runs from the rear sight to the front of the handguard.

  6. I have had both the M80 and the KZ rail. FWIW, I still have the M80. The KZ is *significantly* heavier than the M80 and the bottom rail makes it a real pain - literally - to hang on to, unless you mount an AFG or vertical grip to it. On the upside, the KZ is *very* solidly mounted and replaces the factory top rail with its own which is made per 1913 specs, unlike the factory rail.

    Just my .02...

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