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  1. *** Sold! Thanks for looking. I have an unused OEM Benelli M4 field stock for sale (standard stock without the pistol grip). Decided to keep my M4 with the original PG stock and forends. Please PM me if interested with offer. I'll consider all offers and get back with yes/no.
  2. quick bump: make it $185 shipped. as mentioned this is brand new, never used on my m4.
  3. Hey all, Well after months of waiting (ordered a new one a while back after a strange fit issue on another one) I've decided to stick with the old fore ends. I have a brand spanking new Surefire M80 forend. Arrived and I never even had the chance to put it on the M4. I'm not looking to gouge anyone just want to cover my costs. $210 shipped. PM me if interested. Thanks!
  4. Looks like it has the Surefire M80 as well!
  5. Thanks bm4sbs. I'll work with my FFL on this if/when the time comes. I'm all about doing the paperwork and process correct. Makes the waiting worthwhile in the end!
  6. M4DC, I personally had a fit issue on an M4 with an older SF M80. For some reason I couldn't get the barrel seated all the way into the receiver. I didn't want to do any fitting on the M80 (filing, etc.) so I returned it. Btw Hookster was GREAT about this and I believe it went to a good home as it was in perfect condition but for some reason didn't fit mine. That said, I picked up a brand new one from Optics Planet about a month ago and it fit perfectly. Have you contacted them or SF to see when new stock would be available? But like BLACK and paladinjme said it should be fine. This seems to be the norm and hopefully mine was just an outlier. I'd say go for it as long as the vendor has a good return policy.
  7. No worries but lets see some pics!
  8. BHunted - looks awesome! Great job Joe. Is there an actual "block" / stop inside of the extension? I'm guessing you could unscrew the magazine cap at the end and see it from the inside? Looks awesome and a perfect solution for the People's Republic of New Jersey P.S. I lived in NJ part-time resident for about 6 years.. having left in 2010 and never looking back!
  9. I also have the carrier comp follower but nowhere does it say on the product website that it comes with the hi-viz indicator. The website does show the follower with the red indicator but it goes into detail explaining that it comes with a complimentary tool to swap out the hi-viz indicator that comes with your factory Benelli M4. It also states: "Don't discard your RED plastic "Hi-Viz" day-night indicator!!! Your follower works just fine without it, but that RED piece has an important purpose..." They are pointing out that you should not discard the indicator that came with your factory follower. At least it is implied by the fact that they include a tool to swap your indicator.
  10. I placed my order in late December and still waiting. I'm hoping its here by April!
  11. Nice fix and thank you for sharing this tip! I'm pretty picky about fixes and appearance. Your fix looks great, very clean. Let us know how it holds up after some use.
  12. That description makes me sick! Shower tube with Gold stickers. Unbelievable. Its disappointing they aren't more transparent on what you are buying but as long as they accept the return that's ok I suppose. I can only imagine there are some shady types trying to pawn these off on GB as genuine especially during these last few months. Sad really. No worries on the pics I can understand you wanted to return and be done with! Anyway thanks for sharing this in case any prospective buyers are looking at that particular product. Getting back to this thread I'm glad to hear that SOCOMguy is selling such an outstanding product. Looking forward to seeing pics of your SOCOMguy tube!
  13. I had seen those on numrich and was curious. I didn't trust that they were genuine parts given that they were "available". How can you tell its Taiwan? I can't imagine putting a tube like that on the M4 especially since it won't help out 922r at all. Can you post pics maybe as a warning?
  14. +1 The only multi-position stock that I have read about (although I don't think it is out yet, pre-order only according to ATI) is the ATI Raven system. Personally not my taste but glad to see fully 922R compliant options!
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