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  1. Personally, I chose to change the internals. Installing the Geissele hammer and FFT trigger was a wonderful addition!


    Same here .... went with FFT hammer and trigger, Geissele wasn't available at the time (I now have one waiting in the wings).

  2. Disappointment with your kit in the midst of a storm is an extremely unpleasant experience. Which is why I have no issues with spending the money on a T-1.


    Same here with my EOTech!

  3. Everyone trashes the Surefire fore end but I have one and have no issues with it, feels fine to me. I have the Surefire rubber covers over the parts of the rail not in use.

  4. Try growing a pair, then maybe you wouldn't worry about getting exhausted carrying a shotgun around for 18 hours during a 2 day shotgun class.


    Brando13357 .... this is an adult, respectful forum. There is no need for insults here please think before you post.

  5. You can also buy strips of the same material they use for car "clear bra's" .. along the lines of helicopter tape. Go to Best Buy, buy a Invisible Shield (aka Zagg) cell phone screen protecter and cut it in strips, they use same material as helicopter tape.

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