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Nostalgia for Infinity

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  1. I am in the paperwork process of building a SBS, I want to take my Benelli supernova and put a 14 inch barrel on it


    Called Benelli USA today to enquire about a factory 14' inch barrel (I have seen them out there on internet) and he seemed like he had never heard of them, and he had no part numbers to order them (for supernova OR M4)


    How does one go about aquiring one?

  2. I have a Supernova and was wanting to change up the stock buttstock


    But as I understand it the Benelli collapsible stocks are for the M4 model only and not compatible with the supernova and illegal to own unless you are law enforcement only

    Is this correct?


    If so what are some collapsible stock options available for the supernova?

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