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  1. I used to hear bad things about Botach. I've never ordered from them because of all the countless stories I've heard. IF you do order from them, I HIGHLY recommend using an actual credit card, not a debit card. If or when Botach doesn't ship your order, like I've heard, you can always do a chargeback.

  2. Can you post some pics of the bent rib? There are a LOT of knowledgeable and inginuitive people here.  It might just take a wedge to bend it back or something like that.

  3. If I paid $2,000.00 for a scope, if I dropped it and dented the body, I couldn't expect the manufacturer to restore the scope for me for free. Now I know some manufacturers are notorious for having warranties that are over the top. Like for instance if you have a house fire, they will replace your burned up scope if you send it to them. Now that depends on the manufacturer, but I wouldn't expect this kind of warranty/policy from Benelli if that is not their warranty/policy. I get it, you're upset, but I don't see any reason to be upset with Benelli.

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  4. Benelli manufactures these firearms. You dinged one up a bit. Are you mad because they don't do free gunsmithing for you? Have you considered that they may not be able to restore it to the same condition it was before you dropped it? What if they tried and it didn't meet your satisfaction? What if they slightly scratched or marred it at all? Some people take thorough pics before they send stuff out and make a big deal about stuff like that. Nothing is stopping you from trying to bend it back yourself or find a gunsmith that is willing to try and fix it.

  5. Instead of waiting for a titanium tube, I just ordered from Freedom Fighter Tactical and received it right away. I cannot imagine they are all that different from each other. I've seen comparison pics before and I wasn't overwhelmed by the differences.

  6. If the optic is on a 'see through mount' then your optic will be significantly higher and that will affect your cheek weld. Hypothetically, if you raise your cheek pad to compensate, it would make it very difficult (if not nearly impossible) to use your ghost ring sights.

    I prefer to use either a very low direct clamp optic that can cowitness or just use a QD mount so you can easily remove & replace the optic to use your iron sights. I don't know if there is a QD mount/optic combo that allows cowitness.

  7. 18 hours ago, Birdog19 said:

    Wild Bill -

    9" Nails brings up a good point and having reviewed the different products mentioned here, I think you need to ask yourself how you want to configure your M4.  I run an RMR red dot with Scalarworks mount that replaces the OEM pic rail.  It's lighter and co-witnesses well with the ghost ring sight.

    In choosing your mount, do you want to co-witness with your Aimpoint or have a higher mount that you can look under to use the ghost ring site?  None of the LaRue T661 mounts appear to offer a co-witness or allow you to use your ghost sites at all. 

    NineInch -

    Can you use your ghost sites with the Bobro low mount?

    LaRue mounts shouldn't be used on light weight rails. I attached a pic showing damage caused by a light weight rail.

    No, the mount raises the optic so it will not cowitness through the optic. That is why I like the Bobro mount. Quick, one-handed removal and reinstall.

    I don't know if even a direct, clamp-on Bushnell TRS-25 would even cowitness. That's why I like QD mounts.


  8. On 12/31/2019 at 1:04 AM, WildBill-203 said:

    I have a New Micro T-2 laying around for about 2-years and thinking what mounts are available for the Benelli M4. Should I change the factory  top rail ? I would like to use the LaRue TT661 mount. What else is available for the Mirco T-2 ?

    If you were to use a Bobro mount, I would change the light weight picatinny rail out for a standard rail. The light weight rails have a lot of the center removed and Bobro mounts require a solid rail due to their design. ADM mounts can be installed on a light weight rail though.

  9. On 12/31/2019 at 2:53 PM, Birdog19 said:

    Check out the link below.  Scalarworks' LEAP mount is more expensive than the LaRue but a bit lighter.  Their website provides good detail and their quick disconnect, while not a throw lever like LaRue, looks pretty convincing.


    Aren't their mounts quite tall? Way too tall actually. I searched their website and could not find any low mounts like Bobro and ADM offers. I suspect Scalarworks focuses on AR-15 height mounts.

  10. Whatever the market will bear. I see them listed online for approx $130 on retail sites. You'll see it for less sometimes with private sales (auction sites, eBay, etc...).

    I  traded my field stock for a pistol grip stock. I also have the Raven collapsible stock with adjustable cheek piece. I'd like to sell both and get the Benelli collapsible stock.

  11. 16 hours ago, StrangerDanger said:

    Sounds like you got an alienware one! I use those even though I don't really play games to much. They have the horsepower to run programs fast with  minimal waiting. Nothing I hate more than clicking the start button and having to wait a few seconds for it to open. Our desktop computer is hooked directly to our 75" 4K TV. I built that computer a few years ago for gaming for my daughter. 4k gaming is pretty impressive.

    I'm new to building or modifying PCs, but I am in the process of beefing up a PC I have for my son to run Virtual Reality (Oculus Quest) and Steam games. I'm replacing the power supply and and installing a graphics card and hopefully all goes well. I've had a spare PC connected to a TV for quite a while now and now I'm spoiled. Building PCs is the way to go for sure, for the price.

    This website is very helpful and confirms compatibility with all components: https://pcpartpicker.com/

  12. Like many, I prefer a full length magazine tube as well as a side saddle/shell carrier. I'm completely satisfied with the full length tube. Adding an extension doesn't interest me. Here's why. Whenever I shoot the M4, or any shotgun, I am continuously practicing loading shells. It becomes nearly automatic after a while. When I'm not firing, I am reloading, even if it is only one round. That to me is more valuable than the initial number of shells in the magazine tube. Shooting clays gives you a good opportunity to practice reloading.

  13. 11 hours ago, bdickers said:
    • Has anyone installed the 2 round extension on the M4?  Do I need to remove the snap ring and whatever lies beneath it?

    When you remove the cap there is a spring retainer. If you install an extension then that retainer would need to be removed so that the spring can seat into the extension. You would likely need a longer spring.

  14. I knew of the Benelli M4 for quite a long time, but never felt like paying that much for one. I had a house fire, no one harmed, but the home had a LOT of smoke damage and it was totaled. I rounded up all of my firearms and some had a lot of corrosion due to the corrosive smoke. I disassembled them all, scrubbed them down inside & out and slowly began restoring them. In the mean time I showed the wife that most all of my guns are out of commission. We had tip top insurance so we had a lot of insurance money accessible so with her on my side I just shelled out for the Benelli M4.

    Anyways ... I was able to restore all of my corroded parts to better than original thanks to a local Cerakote shop. It was a win win deal. It pays to have really good insurance because our home was rebuilt on the existing foundation, the new home is nearly twice the size and twice the value. Taxes certainly went up, but still a blessing in disguise.

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  15. I've not seen any wording within the compliance that says that it would apply to you or "possession" of that M4. I wouldn't worry about it at all.

    Anyone know of anyone who has ever been charged with compliance? I don't think it has ever happened. IF it has ... it was like 1 or maybe 2. It just doesn't happen.

    Isn't compliance more for the importers or the FFls?

  16. I have the Mesa picatinny shell saddle and while it is a nice unit, I kinda wished I waved money and got the Esstac Shotgun Card  that attached using velcro. I have both and the Mesa is cool, it doesn't hold shells anywhere near as securely as the velcro card. The Mesa is super simple to load & unload, but sacrifices in securely holding the shells. It's a trade-off.

    I went with the Freedom Fighter Tactical titanium full length tube. I'm sure the Benelli tube will be fine. I'd just compare price and see which is best for you.

    That light mount is the best thing out for the price. I will eventually be getting one of those too.

    That light is cool, small and light. I have my eye on the StreamLight ProTac Rail Mount 625 or 1,000 lumen version. You can use the tape switch or just the tail cap. It comes with both.

    I personally keep my M4 fully loaded, but I leave the chamber empty. I only leave my carry pistol with one in the chamber. It's just a personal preference. I'll have to look into Ghost Loading and see if that is a preferable option.

  17. I really love to hear that with manufacturers in the firearm industry. I had the exact same experience with other manufacturers like Magpul and RCBS. One time I had a tiny part that appeared to be out of spec in a RCBS die set. They didn't ask for proof, didn't want a photo or anything ... they just sent me a brand new die set. I tried to get them to just send me the part, but they didn't want to hear it.

    When manufacturers do something like that they turn their customers into loyal spokespeople & salespeople for them.

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