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  1. I have one that I am not using. Took it off when brand new and replaced with the collapsable stock. Not sure what it is worth though. I see they are around $100-$150 on all of the sites that are sold out and a couple that went for $350-$400 on auction sites. Do you have an offer?

  2. Thanks Gents.


    Pcklst... what do you think of the doberman?


    The threads are trapezoidal, which is better than 99% of all flashlight brands out there. Coincidentally, the square back on the tailcap is PERFECT for the AVA mount, because much like a Scout style light it is completely captive.


    I've had a doberman on a M4 for over 6 months now and been beating the living heck out of it testing. It is a great light from what I can tell, and bright to boot.




    The Doberman light appears really nice..Very good fit and finish, and yes bright. We will see over time how it holds up. Thanks you again for putting out an excellent product.

  3. I received the mount and Doberman light combo last night. Installed both today they are are great. Super easy install and everything fits and works perfect..Thanks for another great product. Sorry that the photos do not do this justice. I am a terrible photographer..




  4. Glad to hear its on its way. I am still waiting for them to start making their charging handles again. About every 6-8 months I ask about them they say they still plan on making them. fingers crossed!


    I am with you there. Would love to have one of their charging handles. Hopefully they start production on those again sometime in the near future.

  5. excellent write up. I too plan on doing the same Gunsight courses. I just got the FFT charging handle and was noticing that it does remove very easily, thinking I will look into a different handle as I expect that I will experience the same issue once running the gun harder than a few rounds at the range. If anyone has opinions on a better charging handle alternative hopefully you can post up here with real world experience..

  6. You are probably correct in the bending. I would probably get rid of it if I were you and definitely wouldn't trust it ever in the future. Just so happens that I am looking for a damaged M4 myself to hang on a wall as a conversation piece and would gladly take your unsafe to fire M4 off of your hands for a reasonable price.



  7. I don't have personal experience with ordering complete shotguns but so far everything that I have ordered for my M4 has been back ordered or taken way longer than expected. I think that it is just a Benelli thing and is part of the ownership experience for these fine shotguns. Makes it that much more satisfying when you get what you have been waiting for though.

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