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  1. 21 hours ago, bigoo7e said:

    Looks like it may be the starting of a little surface rust to me.  I would check your other guns, especially any blued ones you may have in the same safe.  If the guns have grips on them, take the grips off and inspect under the grips for good measure.


    Here in Louisiana we've got enough humidity to go around and then some.  I've seen stainless guns get surface rust without the proper control of the humidity around here.


    As terms of cleaning it, I would try brass wool/brush or maybe nylon brush with your favorite cleaner, solvent or CLP first and if that doesn't work then you may have to move up to more abrasive stuff.  I wouldn't want to go to hard on it though because it may compromised your guns finish. 

    So I went and purchased rust remover. That wasn’t a good idea, lol. I tried it on a little piece and it turn it white! I used bluing and turned it back! Lol....Per a YouTube video, I purchased steel wool, 0000, and rubbed it with regular oil. That didn’t take away the spots either.

    Look also at the photos of inside the barrel. That’s probably not good.








  2. 12 minutes ago, StrangerDanger said:

    The orange ones look like rust to me. I'd soak a rag in oil and rub the finish. They might come off.

    You might want to check inside your barrel also. Run a cloth patch down it and see if it comes out gray or brown. Are you in a high humidity area?


    I’m in Oxnard California.

  3. Hello All,


    Yesterday I pulled out the M4 to lube and clean ( I haven't fired it in a little over a 2 years. Hey, I have other shotguns) and I noticed these little spots all over the barrel. They're more prominent on the barrel than the magazine tube. The magazine tube is a Benelli 7 round tube. They look like orange or something of that nature. I used M-Pro 7 and tried cleaning the barrel and it didn't help

    Any suggestions on the spots and how to remove them? Attached are three photos.




  4. 1 hour ago, Birdog19 said:

    Just go ahead and list it right here on this forum and on this page.  We often see a "WTB" for AVA Tactical mounts.

    Break, break...

    Evolution just beat me to it.  What he said!

    So is there a WTS tab or do I just make a new thread here indicating I’m looking to sell? 

  5. Hello All,

    I'm new to this forum. I may have posted once before. Can someone direct me where to go sell my AVA Tactical Benelli M4 Mounting System? I purchased it from AVA a while ago and didn't care for it. It sits in my safe taking up space. Please advise

  6. I have a like new in box Mesa Tactical Urbino Pistol Grip Stock For a Benelli M4 with Limbsaver, 12-GA.



    I have photos of it on my Benelli M4. There’s not one scratch on it. I would rate in 99.9% in new condition. It’s available for inspection before you purchase if you’re a local. If there’s one scratch on it, it’s free!



    I’m actually putting on a diffferent stock, so I no longer need this stock. It comes with everything that would be included in the new purchase.



    I’m selling mine for $70.00 in comparison to $140.00 new. I’m in Ventura County and shipping is available.








  7. Hello Everyone,


    I recently received my new AVA light mount for my M4. I currently utilize the Fenix PD 35 tactical flashlight. I think the mount is great! However, I do have a concern. I mounted the light on the left side of the shotgun. When activating the light, the flashlight casts a shadow to the right side of whatever I'm lighting up. Of course, this is due to the barrel, etc., which blocks the flashlight's emit. Any resolution? I want to be able to see everything lit in front of me. I've included a photo of how my light is mounted. Please see attachment.


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