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  1. Wipe the sticky areas down with some isopropyl alcohol. Some of the vulcanizing chemicals can leach out of a brand new handle and cause a sticky feel. It needs to see daylight, so take her out and shoot it.😁

  2. 59 minutes ago, jimbo45 said:

    cerakote should add a layer of protection but if you prefer the black just get that since its not like it will see a harsh environment in your house.

    Agreed, like jimbo45 said it could add an extra layer of protection. I dont think they cerakote anything metal (as apposed to aluminum) so its not going to protect against any rusting, but things that may potentially scratch it would have to go through the cerakote first wherever it was applied....plus it looks cool. I personally would prefer a black gun and put FDE parts on it rather than have the receiver permanently coated but thats just me. 

  3. Ok, my spare "pos" calipers dont fit into a small flat rate box☹️  I was just gonna mail them to you.  For the cost of the next box size you might as well just go to Lowes and buy a $20 pair a cheapies. 

    let us know what A&S says...


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  4. Sounds to me like you ruined a A&S trigger guard. 

    By bushing pin, what one are you referring to?  If you sanded out any pin holes in the A&S there is a very good chance you have made a unsafe weapon. 

    This thread was the first one I thought of when reading this..

    It takes very little effort to make this gun Dangerous if you dont know what you are doing. 

  5. 11 hours ago, Schutzhund said:

    AMD vs Intel yep basically coke/pepsi. 

    Amd was behind intel for years regarding performance but since they introduced  first series Ryzen cpu they are on par or even outperform intel in most cases. 

    You mean sites like pcpartpicker.com? 

    I threw together really quick system have a look https://pcpartpicker.com/list/yMncx6

    Dont be bothered with the sata compatibly note down there it, i selected an m.2 nvme drive wich is about 4-5 times faster than any drive you can plug into a sata port + there are 6 total sata ports on the mobo and if two of them dont work int aint a big deal at all. 



    pcpartpicker.com    Yes! Thats the place!  Its also cool because I can build it with parts from my local Best Buy picked as the vendor and then just go down the road to pick up parts.

    I like your system, its basic and exactly what im looking to build. I think Id do a small M.2 for the OS and a larger SSD for everything else.  

    The savings on that AMD is crazy!   She doesn't play any games, so this may be a great way to cut some $$ from the overall build. Thanks man! 

  6. Thanks Schutzhund.  My wife and I both have been running the Pentium 7's for the last 5 or so years. I have looked at AMD but just dont know anything about them.. Coke/Pepsi?

    I have been researching a few builds and have found websites that you can "plug" your parts in and they tell you if there are any known issues or not. Its a handy website but it also scares me a bit because it seems like every time I build a virtual machine, it has "issues" according to the warnings on the site. 

    My wife usually has about 30 windows open at any given time, and has no choice but to run conflicting/older software on her machine. Im constantly dealing with issues with every one of her machines. I think we paid $1600 last time for a really nice Dell thinking if we just throw money at it, it will work better. I've tried everything to rid the demons from her computer but they still transfer over each time. 

    Looking at this one right now, Id have to add ram and a SSD right off..



  7. Computer question:

    How or will I benifit from building my own computer?  Will I really save that much money?  I just replaced mine at a tune of $1300, "ouch"  now its time for the wifes machine...

    any pointers would be greatly appreciated.  

  8. 1 hour ago, Sukhoi_fan said:

    Guess what? It's not actually an impeachment unless and until the House managers make it to the Senate floor and present the articles of impeachment. Essentially Trump hasn't been subjected to impeachment YET. Dumborats are so stupid.



    Interesting.  Very interesting. thank you.

    Its funny, less than 48 hours ago they were saying he was "obstructing congress!",  "No time to go to court!"  "We gotta do this NOW!!!"  "He's a threat to the constitution!" 

    and now its ..."well lets just play it by ear and see what happens...."

    We need a freakin trial but Piglowsey just gonna sit on it.   How can they even call this an impeachment when its not even 1/4 of one?  



  9. 4 hours ago, les_garten said:

    I got mine for two reasons.  Bears and roving Hoards of Democrats.

    I'm getting older and sicker, so my chances of a bear encounter are getting less and less each day.

    However...  My chances of encountering roving hoards of Democrats seems to be increasing more and more  each day, so I got that going for me...

    Ill gladly give you an up-vote on that my friend ..and for the balls to say it!   I was just telling my wife yesterday that I feel like I woke up in the Twilight-Zone or something. 

    I wont say much on here,.......even though Im tempted.....

    watching "Emperor Palpatine Nancy Pelosi" try to hide her smile yesterday made me puke in my mouth a Little bit..



  10. 26 minutes ago, StrangerDanger said:

    How were you going to deal with the weird angle of the receiver extension?


    ..just changing Benelli's huge rubber one for a AR style one...nothing to do with the extension at all...

  11. 12 hours ago, les_garten said:


    p.s.   the bear attack story sucked me in like a MOFO......

    Haaha!  Cool, I had fun writing it!  My wife read it over my shoulder and busted a gut laughing...especially after I added the movie still to it. 😁🤣🤣

    We've had our share of close encounters with bears though.....and I do bring the M4 with me when we venture out. Most of the time the bears want nothing to do with us and just trot off into the woods when we meet. Had one get real close to me while I was in my "zone" fishing one time...another fisherman across the bank waves at me and pointed. I turned around and had a griz sitting about 30ft from me. He was probably waiting for me to land a salmon and then steel it from me. This happens often.😑

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