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  1. You're not buying cherry car parts for a 55 Chevy. Like Stranger said, oil the parts and they may look more like what you expect them to. 

    To be fair, the photo of the recoil spring is a bit deceiving compared to what you received. I think scrubbing it with a 3M pad with some soap and oiling it would do wonders. I think what you are seeing are the "right out of the factory" condition that the seller receives them in.

    Scrubbing it would rid the looser and "fresh" factory coat off of it leaving you with a more subtle finish similar to your stock tube. The scratch may even all but go away.

    The email responses from the seller are in bad taste given we are provided with the full conversation. 

    Its got to be taxing selling hard use "tool"parts  to people and have them complain of minor cosmetic blemishes. Like selling work boots and having the customer complain about a slight scuff on the tread.  Then again, Im not very picky.🙄 

  2. 1 hour ago, Vertigofirearms said:

    Why? Most of us have M4s on here. You can’t take apart the trigger without circlip pliers.

    Maybe you can fit an extra 2 or 3 shells in there lol.

    Yup, most of us here have M4s, but most of us could service the trigger group without circlips donut.

    17 minutes ago, StrangerDanger said:

    What about pulling the rubber grip off of either the pistol grip stock or the fixed pistol grip stock and insert the spare parts inside the cavity inside the grip core? Then slide the rubber back in place. You won't be getting any large items in there, but you could get various springs, pins, bottle of lube maybe. Roll them all up inside a bag so they don't rattle much.

    I dont use a pistol grip Stranger, field stock for me!

    I had done the Limbsaver mod but didn't like how "rubbery" or flimsy it was. I have a Pachmeyer decelerator going on this butt stock when all is done. I did a short lop on a moss500 with a decelerator for added length and then for big coats or armor the Pachmeyer pulls off for the needed short lop. 

    Another way of going about a storage spot was to dissect a Magpul grip and work it into the bottom of the stock grip but the A2 plate was hanging around and I hated the Limsaver sooo.😏    Nice to hear from you SD!

  3. As always, I received my FFT order in record time. I ordered a few extra parts like springs, shell stop and charging handle to keep my "Nelly" operating smoothly into the approaching Armageddon. 💀Having a broken spring or shell-stop,... or loosing the charging handle would be a major downer.

    But wouldn't be spectacular if I had a on-board storage for these extra pieces and parts? ....well I thought so. So here is my attempt at doing so. Updates coming soon!




  4. Wipe the sticky areas down with some isopropyl alcohol. Some of the vulcanizing chemicals can leach out of a brand new handle and cause a sticky feel. It needs to see daylight, so take her out and shoot it.😁

  5. 59 minutes ago, jimbo45 said:

    cerakote should add a layer of protection but if you prefer the black just get that since its not like it will see a harsh environment in your house.

    Agreed, like jimbo45 said it could add an extra layer of protection. I dont think they cerakote anything metal (as apposed to aluminum) so its not going to protect against any rusting, but things that may potentially scratch it would have to go through the cerakote first wherever it was applied....plus it looks cool. I personally would prefer a black gun and put FDE parts on it rather than have the receiver permanently coated but thats just me. 

  6. Ok, my spare "pos" calipers dont fit into a small flat rate box☹️  I was just gonna mail them to you.  For the cost of the next box size you might as well just go to Lowes and buy a $20 pair a cheapies. 

    let us know what A&S says...


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