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  1. Not sure about being able to use the standard Surefire DF body, altho he did say in a post somewhere in this thread, that the new mounts design will probably be driven by the fact that Surefire was bringing the new larger body scout DF to market. To use his words "lumens is king".


    That said, how do you like the new DF? Have you compared it's lighting power using the rechargeable battery Vs the Lith 123 batteries?


    The M600DF is awesome. Very bright with the 123 batteries. I have not used the 18650 batteries with it yet. Im going to wait until the 123’s die and then upgrade to the 18650. I do not recommend this light for tight indoor spaces. Lighter colored walls tend to reflect a lot of light and it is very bright. An Intellibeam model would fix this problem I suppose.

  2. I have a Surefire M600DF and would like to attach this light to my Benelli M4 for coyote hunting around my property at night. Will the AVA mount they are in the process of making be able to mount the M600DF with a factory body? I have a surefire non-flared tailcap for the light already but am worried the mount will not accomodate the factory “lugs” on the surefire body. I am also not aware of any aftermarket body that will fit the M600DF lights.

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