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  1. What lightweight blanket is best to take in the summer to hike?
  2. Thank you for sharing this information. I recently decided to arrange a book marathon, I found a list of books https://booksrun.com/blog/10-best-classic-books-2019/ that I want to read. I devote at least an hour a day to read. I noticed that my eyes get tired quickly if I read for a long time. This is probably due to the fact that I do not have the right lighting. Therefore, I want to choose a good reading lamp. I prefer small ICE lamps, it is convenient to take them with me.
  3. I think you need something more than waterproof shoes. It's very important to keep your feet dry, warm and safe. Now there are a lot of different boots for hiking, I would advise you to pay attention to the shoes with protection from snakes. Snakes can really be dangerous. Especially in the spring. They usually rest on stones where the sun is shining and warm enough, but they can also hide in the tall grass and if you don’t notice it and step in, it will surely bite you. This is their way of self-defense. The only thing that I can recommend to you, besides being attentive and using a stick to check the road, is to use special shoes. This article has reviews about best snakeproof boots . These shoes really protect your feet well. I want to buy myself one, but still haven't decided on the manufacturer of the company.
  4. You can replace light bulbs in the living room, but if you like this light and it's quite suitable for most actions in the living room, then you can buy additional lamps (lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps). I recently chose a floor lamp and found this portal https://bestlightguide.com/best-floor-lamps-for-reading/ . There are many reviews of different lamps and articles describing what kind of lighting (warm yellow or cool white) is best suited for reading, relaxing, watching TV or working at a computer.
  5. I hunted deer for 2 times. We usually went to my friend's hunting lodge. It was southern Canada, I don’t remember exactly the address. There were really many deer and few hunters. My friend insisted that we abide by all the rules and laws of hunting, you can read more about this on the Internet. You will need a special vest for hunting deer or elk. Also I don't advise to hunt in the dark. Usually a friend for a good hunt lures deer for a week. He says it helps a lot to make the hunt more successful. Here https://hikezone.org/8-best-deer-feeder-reviews-top-picks-of-2018-and-useful-buyer-s-guide/ is an article with reviews of different deer feeders, My friend chose gravity deer feeders amazon. I would also advise you to go hunting with experienced hunters for the first time. I don’t remember exactly which ones, but my friend did a lot of tricks to make our hunt interesting.
  6. Really very beautiful
  7. Yelky

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    I like Korean steel lunch boxes. These lunchboxes are usually very bright, children and adults like that. I wouldn't advise you to buy a glass thermos, because the glass keeps the temperature poorly and your child can also break the glass. Here https://bestvacuumflask.com I found a review of different thermoses for children. It may be easier for you to make a choice if you can read the objective reviews of people who used these thermoses. I believe that you need a durable thermos that keeps the hot temperature up to 6 hours. You should also pay attention to the weight of the thermos, a heavy thermos will be inconvenient to carry to school every day.
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