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  1. I hunted deer for 2 times. We usually went to my friend's hunting lodge. It was southern Canada, I don’t remember exactly the address. There were really many deer and few hunters. My friend insisted that we abide by all the rules and laws of hunting, you can read more about this on the Internet. You will need a special vest for hunting deer or elk. Also I don't advise to hunt in the dark. Usually a friend for a good hunt lures deer for a week. He says it helps a lot to make the hunt more successful. Here https://hikezone.org/8-best-deer-feeder-reviews-top-picks-of-2018-and-useful-buyer-s-guide/ is an article with reviews of different deer feeders, My friend chose gravity deer feeders amazon. I would also advise you to go hunting with experienced hunters for the first time. I don’t remember exactly which ones, but my friend did a lot of tricks to make our hunt interesting.
  2. Really very beautiful
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