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  1. Quote
    2 hours ago, ClackClackBAM said:

    This is very helpful!
    Now that I can see the process, I realize it's not as involved as I thought.
    I will get a forstner bit if necessary, but @StrangerDanger can a paddle bit be used with a battery drill?

    That's a good question because if one doesn't have the bits or a router set they aren't cheap.  Especially if you are using a bit for a one time job.  I wonder if a 7/8" hole saw would give reasonable results.  Maybe not quite as clean.

    The sharpie method looks good.  Rosin or baby powder might give a good representation as well if applied to the end of the recoil tube?


  2. 1 hour ago, StrangerDanger said:

    Ouch. I wonder if they’re getting swamped with work too? I’ve got a couple projects going there soon, hopefully this isn’t a five month cluster F.

    I don't know why all the stuff I sent in through April wouldn't be in the same batch as my M4.  I know I'm not privy to the inner workings of their business but it seems odd.

    I totally get it if the items I sent in a week and a half ago didn't make the cut.  However the status of my M4 was updated on 6/25 to finish in process.  It would only be logical to expect that everything up to April should have went out with it??  I'm not upset, I mean it comes when it comes.  I would rather have it be right than rushed.  I'm just confused on this one.

  3. Woohoo! my M4 ticket now reads: "NP3 / Metal Finish In Process..." 

    Ummm but what about the the stuff I sent in a week after that and in April?  🧐

  4. I sent them a few more gizmos last week for NP3.  I'm hoping this will help pump up their part count needed to get a batch done.  Or however it works.

  5. 5 hours ago, StrangerDanger said:

    What it comes down to is NP3 is a very expensive process that takes three months to have done.

    I don't know when I'm going to see mine again.  Given the current prices I sometimes wonder if they put it back together and sold it for a premium on GB.  Then ordered another one for me in it's place.  LOL

    4 months and counting with no end in sight.  It's like buying 2 suppressors and waiting for the stamps.

  6. Does that QD socket go all the way to the top of the stock sling slot?  Based on pics I've seen it looks like they are two different shapes.  The IWC mount looks like a half moon almost and the stock's sling slot is rounded/oval. 

    It would seem that it's not an exact fit and not going all the way to the top would leave a small gap.  It's not a deal breaker.  I'm just wondering how well it fits from those that have installed one.  It's a great option but doesn't appear to be a perfect fit.

  7. I got the alert from Midwest GW last night after 1am my time that these were finally back in stock.  I was going to bed and figured I'd put together an order with it and a few other things in the morning.  Already sold out!

    What the heck?  Either they only got like 10 of these in or people are hoarding them.  Ridiculous!




  8. I figured but I'm sure a lot of these M4's being sold on GB aren't necessarily going to LEO's or departments. 

    I'm guessing that their is no addition of US parts since the LE models weren't meant for the mere mortal.

    So, peeps that are buying these are purchasing quasi illegal shotguns unless they are in law enforcement.  That is if they are NIB.

  9. 2 hours ago, No. 6 said:

    And that's why I have silencers on everything I might have to shoot indoors.

    On a pistol that's fine.  On a long gun it's still typically not hearing safe, especially in doors.  Of course you can use subsonics but that will take away from the effectiveness.  Then your almost back in the realm of pistol power.

  10. 30 minutes ago, MNtadpole said:

    @Milspec Well I'm sorry to hear that it was damaged. Was the damage that substantial or was it just an eye sore for you?  What kind of turn around did they give you time wise? Does your setup have an RMR, and are they doing a finish on that as well? I can't wait to see the finished product!

    It was a small scratch on the receiver by the stock.  It wasn't terrible, a tiny eye sore that aggravated me tremendously since it occurred the first time I took it out.  I toyed back and forth with midnight/burnt bronze cerakote or NP3.  Then when I finally decided, Robar closed, lol.  Then I was about to do the cerakote and that's when SD uncovered Wright Armory.

    They didn't quote me a turn around time.  I think SD's broken down M4 and other parts took 13 weeks or something like that.  I believe that they have to wait to get a large enough quantity of customer work /part count in order to make a "full batch" to send in for coating.  SD may have had better timing and he sent in a lot more items in than.  That could have helped move his work along a bit faster.

    I am having a Scalarworks Sync mount plated which will host an SRO.


  11. The sbr's are maneuverable but if you uncork one of those without ear pro indoors.....goodbye hearing.  Heck even 16" easily permanent hearing damage.  It's hard to find the balance between the perfect tool and retaining your hearing in this type of situation.  Of, course it's better than becoming a victim.




  12. 3 hours ago, jimbo45 said:

    I just saw that. 6k for an m4 is nuts. I went to a couple of gun shops this past weekend and they were packed but I didnt realize things had gone this far. It will likely only get worse as we get closer to the election.

    This one has real NP3 plating not cerakote like the newer H2O's.  Still a ton of loot no doubt.  SD does a much more thorough plate job on his builds.

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