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    Hi, this is Erik. We all know firearms are dangerous, but only when one doesn’t know how to use and care for them. I have 15+ years of experience with different types of guns and for the last 10 years, I have taught numerous people how to hold and shoot a gun while staying safe and keeping the surroundings unharmed. My neighbors are some of my biggest admirers who enjoy talking to me about their guns, firearms safety and maintenance. Whenever I am able to catch a moment of free time, you will find me enjoying my family or heading to the range on my motorcycle. I have enjoyed shooting sports ever since my dad introduced them to me as a child. I like to think myself as an outdoorsman who lives his life to the fullest. I hope you would benefit from my efforts to create valuable resources on this website. Happy reading!
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  1. Just ordered a Havak ph2 in 6.5 prc. Hoping to have the optic in before I pick it up. Currently I’m looking at the vortex hd in 5x20 or the viper pst in 5x25. I feel these two should fit the bill nicely. Using the rifle for North American big game and for the occasional 1000+ yard day of what I will call distance therapy. Any input is appreciated, thanks!
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