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  1. JACOB& CO. TWIN TURBO (twin three-axis continuous high-speed gyroscope, calf repeater and POLICÍA PUSH chronograph) BAGUETTE type Last year, Jacob & Co. launched Twin Turbo Furious, which is a complex feature that combines a dual-acceleration three-axis sequential tourbillon, a short while repeater and a single-button stop-watch, making the watchmaking industry a difference. Jacob & Co. ASTRONOMIA CASINO AT160.40.AB.AB.B As a way to attract Twin Turbo Mad, Jacob & Co. concluded the brand's natural production-adding baguettes to this spectacular clock. The case of thi
  2. Astronomy by Jacob & Co. Today, I will review Jacob & Co astronomers.Jacob & Co. ASTRONOMIA TOURBILLON BLACK CERAMIC replica So, initially, I made a video reviewing Jacob & Co and astronomers, and how I talked about their great development, and how to be absolute, this new design has replaced the image in my mind. It used to be the brand's five-time watch in the time zone, but now it has become a masterpiece of astronomers. At that time, I kind of wanted to discuss the design, but I was lucky to be able to provide you with an actual watch here so I can carry it with m
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