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Posts posted by aznwhip

  1. 3 hours ago, LowBoost said:

    1) I plan on getting a Briley 3Gun MLok handguard. I would prefer the 13" version, which I need to remove the factory sling adapter and ring. Is there any advantage or disadvantage from 8" or 13" handguard that I may be overlooking?


    3 hours ago, LowBoost said:

    2) It seems the Modlite M600IB is a nice candidate. Which mount would work for the Briley handguard


    Any mlok mount will work. I'm partial to quality of Arisaka mounts though.


    3 hours ago, LowBoost said:

    4) Any experience what works best between RMR, SRO or H2/T2 optic?

    Didn't try SRO, but did play around with an RMR and T2, both on Scalar mounts. I preferred the RMR, bit that's personal. Both were fine and quality.

    3 hours ago, LowBoost said:

    5) Any recommended or must have upgrades? Besides weight and looks is there any other benefit from the Briley carbon extended tube?

    Sling. Trigger. CF tube if you're chasing weight savings.

    3 hours ago, LowBoost said:

    I already have the FFT 3/4 charge handle and plan on getting the extended bolt release. Once I get the extended mag ext tube, which brand of follower, would you recommend?

    Follower honestly doesn't matter much. It holds the spring and pushes the round. Not rocket science. Just get one made in the US as they're all pretty much the same.

    3 hours ago, LowBoost said:

    I live 20 minutes away from Briley, should I just spend some extra money and have them do the trigger work and install their carbon tube and handguard? Maybe and extended carrier?

    If you buy their trigger, only they can install the trigger. They won't send it to you to install. Install the tube and guard yourself... That's easy. 

  2. 20 hours ago, RyanExtra said:

    The little black piece that keeps the spring in? 

    yes it fit. You need a snap ring pliers to squish it. 


    20 hours ago, fatbiker852 said:

    Is the spring restrictor a part that Briley provides? Or the Benelli OEM one didn't fit in the Briley tube? 


    Yeah, maybe they improved it, but the one I had (and I know StrangerDanger had the same problem) was too wide for the OEM spring restrictor. If Briley didn't make an update and you bought from an ebay retailer.... might question their authenticity. I'd hope not, but coming from aftermarket automotive world... CF parts are the easiest and most prolific counterfeits out there. Especially with the length problem... that seems fairly obvious and knowing Briley, I can't see how that would have escaped their QC.

  3. Either a defect or they sent you the wrong one. Either way, contact them.


    Also, you were able to fit the spring restrictor in the tube? One I had was too wide to use that so spring was held down by the cap.

  4. 12 hours ago, Dkay67 said:

    I reckon he's talking more like the addon to mossberg 590 tactical shotguns that mount near the top of the barrel as a shroud, such as 👇


    Yes, I get that... However as far as I know, there's no simple bolt on option for such. The Briley guard us the closest thing to what he's looking for as a bolt on. It allows for flipping and grabbing over the barrel (or laying on his shoulder) to load. The guard wraps mostly over the barrel.

  5. 35 minutes ago, M2_shootr said:

    Would allow for a closer mounted light, and a better switch position

    I have a Modlite Modbutton Lite. That was just an older picture I found to showcase clearance to answer a question.

  6. 12 hours ago, StrangerDanger said:

    Do you think it would clear if the shroud was removed from the tailcap?

    No, it would still hit from my testing. The height provided by the pic rail on the IWC mount and the pic connector on the light are greater than the lip of the cap and remaining gap.

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  7. Just now, Rtk1775 said:

    Dangit. Now I'm worried it'll sit too far from the gun.. I like everything nice and tight (joke in there somewhere).

    Not nubile virgin tight, but not main street corner girl loose either lol 


    It's honestly not bad. 


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  8. 10 minutes ago, Rtk1775 said:

    Thanks, aznwhip. Did you mount via picitinny or screw light directly on mount?


    You have to use the pic mount for the tail to clear the guard.


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  9. 22 minutes ago, Rtk1775 said:

    Hey, guys. Will the IWC mount with M600DF fit on the 8" Briley mount? Just ordered everything, but after studying photos, I'm concerned that it won't considering the Briley mount covers the barrel whereas the oem M4 mount tapers to the barrel leaving room for the tailcap.. 

    Yes, the 8" handguard will work fine with the iwc mount and an m600. That was my exact setup at one point. You can check out on the Benelli M4 picture thread.

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  10. 4 hours ago, StrangerDanger said:

    azwhip: Which rail did you find to be more comfortable? The only reason I’d consider the rail is if I built the light mount up so there was no barrel shadowing. So the longer 13” would be the only viable option from Briley. 

    For light shadow requirement.... The decision is kind of already made for you then with the 13" Briley. However, that also runs counter to your weight shedding ethos you've been chasing, so you'll have to weigh (pun intended) what's more important. 

    For my hands, it came down to ability to comfortably control muzzle rise. Since the Briley rail basically goes straight up on the sides till it reaches and wraps around the barrel, I was relying on friction to hold the barrel flat. With the Agency, since it doesn't wrap around the barrel, it curves in lower, which allows me to wrap my thumb and finger tips around and slightly over the rail to exert downward force.


    That said, I did like not burning my hands in the barrel with the Briley when loading due to the wrap around coverage. Gloves fixed that though.

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  11. Options will vary, but for my hands, the Agency guard feels the best and has great function and aesthetics. I had the Briley one before the Agency so was able to compare those two (along with stock obviously). The problem is finding one as they're currently also unicorns unless you send it in for a full build. I was extremely lucky to score mine.

  12. Might be able to plastidip it yourself as well. Was toying with the idea as a cheap and completely reversible option. 


    It's not hard to disassemble to get cerakote or professionally painted. Main thing is to let Briley get all the parts installed and function tested to ensure QA/tolerances of parts are solid. Assembly and disassembly afterwards can easily be performed.

  13. 5 hours ago, Jetspeed31 said:

    I was considering the Briley 8" handguard. Does anyone have any experience operating with one?

    I had it for a spell... Solid guard. Tight tolerance. I liked that it wrapped over the barrel so you don't burn you hands when flipping to load. 

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