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  1. I ordered a replacement cylinder plunger piston (because the build up was ugly) and the porting on the new cylinder was different than my R1 so I ordered a complete gas system kit and the piston ports on the cylinder in the kit was similar but the throat of the cylinder was different.  I have a 30-06 caliber R1.  Benelli, which cylinder pin is the most up to date and appropriate for my rifle?  There is zero information on the web about this.  A service advisory on this would be an excellent service for your loyal clients.  I want to install a new pin.  Which one do I install?????


  2. Hi, I've searched all over the web for a video on how to properly break down the R1/Argo gas block for cleaning and cannot find anything.   Can anyone point to a video or instructions?   Given the comments here, you'd think Benelli would produce something to encourage R1 owners to conduct proper maintenance.  

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