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  1. Hi, you have a very interesting question. I think for Instagram photos you need lush and beautiful bouquets of flowers, but not banal flowers, but exotic ones. These are the flowers you can order on this site https://felicita-flowers.com/en-gb/lviv/ The choice of colors and order is online. If you do not want to pick up the bouquet yourself, you can arrange for their delivery to a specific place. I hope my advice was helpful.
  2. And what kind of VPN do you prefer paid or unpaid? Here is an interesting article https://medium.com/@iamdmitryleiko/15-best-vpn-services-mar21-free-and-paid-options-review-45e8e9d53d5a that I found recently, there are lists of both paid and free VPN from which you can choose what you like best.
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