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Found 10 results

  1. I found myself in need of a magazine plug for my m4 with Kip's FL mag (hunting migratory birds, mag must be limited to 2 rounds). I searched the internet, and even ordered one of those Butler Creek plugs, but it seems nothing out there is long enough (12 inches). In the end, I made my own, and thought I'd share the process in case there are others who are interested. Parts: 1) Brass tube, 13/32" (10.32mm) OD with 3/8" (9.53mm) ID by 12in. 2) Tree nut, metric thread, 9.60mm OD with 22.2mm diameter cap. 3) Wood dowel (screw type), 3/8" OD. [ATTACH=CONFIG]911[/ATTACH] Process: 1) Polish tube with metal polish for aesthetics. [ATTACH=CONFIG]912[/ATTACH] 2) Insert tree nut and hammer flush (interference fit). [ATTACH=CONFIG]913[/ATTACH] 3) Insert dowel and hammer in to tube to desired length. [ATTACH=CONFIG]914[/ATTACH] Finished product: [ATTACH=CONFIG]915[/ATTACH] To fit plug, simply remove the magazine cap and insert through hole in mag spring retention clip and reinstall magazine cap. The OD of the tree-nut is about 0.8mm smaller than the ID of the magazine tube. The pressure of the magazine cap centers the plug and keeps it snug in the tube (rattle-free). No tools required for installation/ removal. See following thread for pics of installation (can't seem to post more than 5 pix per thread.)
  2. Limited Quantity. Same Benelli 7 Round Magazines on the Service Shotgun of the U.S. Marines. Factory New Original OEM Benelli 7 Round Magazines on GUNBROKER.com, eBay.com and Amazon.com Benelli Manufacturer Part #70052 $199 On Gunbroker.com,eBay and Amazon NO OTHER SPRING NEEDED Benelli Includes the full size spring on every standard m4. For best price email @ [email protected] call direct (909) 659-1050 to order [ATTACH=CONFIG]2510[/ATTACH] Picture From Benelli catalog.
  3. Hi, I have an M4 H2O. I bought a 7 round mag tube. I wanted to remove and replace the factory 5 round tube. I looked up how-to instructions on YouTube. I started heating the tube with a heat gun, then the receiver. It may be a quick heating job for a black M4, but the coating on the H2O took the heat for 45 mins before I got the tube to start turning. I discolored the finish on the receiver. I read that prolonged heat, while applying force to remove the mag tube, may bend the receiver out of spec. Anyone know how I can make sure I didn't bend the receiver? PS: Robar confirmed that the NP3 Plus dissipates heat, and also confirms that it could have discolored, so I decided to send it for a removal and reapplication of NP3 Plus.
  4. I am looking to purchase an extra Benelli R1 338 magazine, but they seem to be not listed in any Benelli catalog so their resellers are unable to order it. When I spoke to Benelli customer support they will only provide a warranty replacement and not sale one directly to me. Does anyone know where to purchase magazine at, as I do not like having only one magazine when I am out because I don't want an entire trip to be ruined by a broken or faulty magazine.
  5. Wts: New original benelli m4 full lentgh 18 1/2" magazine $205 shipped
  6. I've just purchased a 7-round, single piece magazine tube from Dave's Metal Works (they call it their 2 Round Replacement Tube). I'm having issues unscrewing the original magazine tube from the receiver and I don't want to botch it up. Has anyone removed their magazine tube and if so, what method did you use? Was there a serious amount of force/torque needed to begin unscrewing the magazine tube? My M4 is stripped down to just having the magazine tube remaining against the receiver (plus the Forearm Retaining Band). It appears the retaining band is held in place by the magazine tube, so I don't believe the retaining band is keeping the magazine tube from turning. Any help would be awesome!!
  7. Hi, I'm looking at buying a NC 7+ mag extension for my Benelli M2 28inch Comfortech. I was wondering if anyone has done the same? If so what is it like in regards to the length and what type of clamp did u buy? Thanks, Steve
  8. Hi, I want to buy a magazine extension for my benelli M2 28inch comfortech. Anyone selling any? Btw i'm living in the UK .... but if you live outside and will post i'm happy to buy. Give me a shout if anyone knows of any for sale! Ta, Steve
  9. Hi everyone, I recently bought a Benelli M2 Its 28inch barrel I want to know where in the UK i can buy a magazine extnesion for it? Or even where could i buy one that would post to the UK? Preferably to go to the end of the barrel! Can someone please help me as i have been looking for quite some time! Thanks Steven
  10. Hello everyone. I would like to buy a magazine extension tube for my Super Sport. I have found one on this site: e-gunparts.com/DisplayAd.asp?chrProductSKU=957110B&chrSuperSKU=957110&MC= My problem is, this one is $83.99 just for the magazine tube. You have to buy the forend cap and ring assembly as well which makes this one pricey *******. So if you guys know of any others I would be very thankful.
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