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  1. has anybody used the sidearmor 1913 rail i want to get it but would like to find out what u guys think as far as quality and fitment im new to the forum and recently purchased a sn tactical i love it :Dthanks a bunch
  2. I recently bought a Supernova Tactical. Being the tactical fanatic I am, the first thing I did was start buying accessories. Of course the first is the mag extension. I bought the Nordic Components because of all of the great reviews I've read. I love it! Only one question though. I installed the extension and clipped the spring as stated on the instructions (10-16" longer than the entire tube + extension). After finishing the install I realized that I could fit seven 2 3/4 shells into the tube. There is only about an additional half inch of movement after putting in the seventh. Will this cause too much stress on the spring? I'm sure it could after a while, but being that I use this as my patrol shotgun...the more rounds the merrier! Opinions please!
  3. I am sure there has been a posting on this, but didn't see it right away. Does anyone have any fixes for the chatter in the foregrip. I have seen posts elsewhere about tightening the allen screws down, but the consensus seemed to be that it didn't help others much and I don't want to tighten it too much. Thoughts?
  4. I am extremely happy with my supernova, no regrets. It is my first Benelli and definitely not my last!!!! Check out my videos of some amazing feats accomplished by an 18" home defense guns, and please share yours, of any benelli shotgun. Look me up on YouTube, lordbaronpzda, or just put /lordbaronpzda after the site URL.
  5. I just bought a new Supernova, my first shotgun. After shooting trap several times, I have realized the pull is about 2" to 2 1/2" short (at lest that is what my local gunsmith told me). This may sound unbelievable, but at 6'9" I have problems with a lot of things fitting correctly. I brought my supernova to my nearest gunsmith to see about lengthening the stock and he recommended asking this forum as he really wasn't sure. Does anyone know of a kit or something similar which would allow me the extra length I need? Or does anyone know a gunsmith in the Chicago area that could lengthen the pull for a reasonable amount of money? Thanks for the help, Jake
  6. I love my shotgun so much, I had to join this forum to express myself. Just picked up my Supernova Tactical today @ Turner's Outdoorsman, and the main thing that sold me on the gun was of course the Ghost Ring Sight. This is my first Benelli, and definitely NOT my last. This is also my first shotgun! I got myself a Mesa Tactical picatinny rail and now have a holographic sight sitting on the shotgun already. Here's my overall impression of the gun, rated categorically: Looks: 10/10 Definitely one of the coolest looking pumps. Weight: 9/10 Extremely light, but a little front heavy. Performance: 9/10 It's not as smooth on recoil as Benelli claims. Versatility: 10/10 Ghost ring, weight, length....Nuff said. Disassembly: 3/10 Buttstock too hard to remove, a must to get the trigger housing out. Assembly: 3/10 Again, buttstock. Need special tools. Cleaning: 10/10 Ridiculously easy. Capacity: 9/10 Just add the extension and it'll be a ten. Compatibility: 6/10 Not many buttstocks, not many add-ons available. OVERALL RATING: 9.7/10 (7.7 average + 2.0 for still being amazing, besides some flaws)
  7. I'm a Benelli noob so I need some help. I just bought a 26" SuperNova that i'll use as my all around gun. Is the SuperNova drilled and tapped so I can put a scope on for turkey or deer? Or just the steady grip and tactical....? Any other suggestions if its not...
  8. I just bought a Supernova & I'm becoming increasingly irritated that I can't find so much as a choke tube from Benelli, let alone barrels, stocks, etc.... So my question is how am I supposed to buy things for my gun that Benelli claims to offer, but nobody appears to sell? Am I overlooking or overthinking how to go about ordering accessories, or do I need to rid myself of a gun that the manufacturer refuses to sell the advertised accessories and buy a Mossberg or a Remington that everyone & their mother makes anything & everything for? Any info/advice is welcome. Thanks.
  9. Hey, I was just wondering if anybody could tell me what the bore diameter of the SuperNova Tactical 18.5" barrel is? I'm guessing that it is around .730" but I haven't been able to find any information about it. I guess I could just measure it with some calipers, but I was wondering if there was an official spec from Benelli, that I don't know about. Thanks
  10. I'm interested in buying my first shotgun, mainly for trap shooting, but I'd also like to be able to hunt with it. I'm basically settled on either the Supernova or the Nova, and as near as I can tell the main difference is the Comfortech stock. How much lighter is the felt recoil on the Supernova than on the Nova? Is it worth the price difference? Again, this will mainly be for trap, so I want to be able to comfortably shoot 100 times or more in a day without killing my shoulder, but, being a grad student, I'd like not to spend too much money.
  11. I just bought a new supernova and noticed that when i load shells from the bottom into the magazine tube the lever thing clicks and stays in the upward position. When i chamber a shell it comes back down though. Is this normal? Im just wondering cause if I only had 1 shell left in the chamber and wanted to load a few more shells through the bottom the lever will end up staying up. Would that be normal? Im sorry if some of it is hard to understand, this is my very first gun ever and just wanted to make sure nothing is wrong with it.
  12. I just bought a Benelli supernova and am really only planning on shooting slugs out of it for deer hunting. I was just wondering what type of choke to use for this and if any of the chokes that came with the gun would work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. I am a fairly new owner of a supernova tactical and very new to this forum. I bought the gun for fun/home defense, but after shooting it for a while I fell in love with the pistol grip and would like to take it hunting. It is awesome with clays, but I'm afraid that with the 18.5" barrel my pattern might spread a bit too fast for live game. Thought I would just order a new barrel in 26" or 28", but at $250+ I shyed away a little. I won't be taking after turkey or geese with this gun, but probably pheasants, ducks, neighbor cats, etc. I was just wondering if anyone knew if my setup would be lethal enough at average ranges or the best way to go about getting there? There are no threads in the tactical barrel for a choke(at least not mine) just so everybody knows. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
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