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Thread: Model-2000 in 20 gauge ?

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    I have contacted Stoger via the web to ask them if they plan on producing the Model-2000 in 20 gauge and the response that I got back was that they (the people that answer emails) wouldn't know untill December what the 2004 product line up was going to be.

    I have a Benelli SBE for waterfowl that I purchased a couple of years ago when I was single. Now that I'm married with 3 kids money is a little harder to come by. The a Model-2000 very attractive because of the cost and the fact it uses the guts of the Benelli M-1.

    In the last couple of years I have started to hunt Pheasants more and more and would like to have a light weight 20 gauge semi-auto for upland game, and also a gun for my kids to start with when they get old enough.

    Anyway back to my original question, does anybody know if, or heard rumors that, Stoger is going to make the Model-2000 in 20 gauge for 2004?

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    IMO, there is much more demand for a 20 guage 2000 than a 3.5 inch model. The 3.5' would be helpful for waterfowl and other limited uses. A 20 gauge would be the perfect uplands gun.

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    Be carefull not to compare the M1 to the M2000, might use some of the technology concepts but in a different way. Quality not the same and parts not the same.

    If your thinking of a youth gun for your kids like I am, try the Rem 870 youth - even used if you can find one...seems guys are always going through them as their kids grow.

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