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Thread: Condor Supreme rattle and safety question

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    My Condor Supreme has a rattle that is annoying when moving the gun length wise such as mounting to the shoulder. I took it apart and it bappears the culprit is the "Hammer Cocking Cam", part number 46 on the parts diagram. Anyone else have this rattle and a solution????

    In the parts diagram for the Supreme there does not appear to be an automatic safety rod. The diagram shows a "Safety Fastening Pin". part number 60. With the pin the safety would not be automatic but would works as shown by others that modified their auto safety to manual safety.

    Also the parts diagram shows a "Butt Pad Spacer", part number 90. My Supreme does not have this spacer. How about other owners, do you have the spacer????

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    It's just a general manual. Hasn't changed in about 15 years. Spacers went out with the silent movies.

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    The noise you are hearing is normal. Mine has been doing it from day one. It is no problem. They could probably have designed this out of the gun with a spring, but hey, it's an entry level gun and you don't get all the bells & whistles.

    You are right, it is the hammer cocking cam. The cam is under tension after the hammers have been dropped (following a shot), but is free to move axially when the hammers have been cocked, hence the rattle. This is the device that resets the hammers when you open the action after a shot.

    My manual also does not show the rod for the auto-safety. Like wallhanger said, it's probably an old diagram that they just don't see fit to update.

    Mine doesn't have a spacer either.


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