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Thread: Stoeger P-350 Chokes?

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    Hi I was wondering if benelli chokes are the same size/thread as this gun? Or is there another brand of gun that uses the same chokes?


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    I guess nobody knows? Only thing holding me back is the stories of the mod choke expanding with steel shot. So I was hoping to get and after market mod choke for steel.

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    The Stoeger 2000 chokes interchange with the Beretta Mobile system, so it would be reasonable to assume that the P350 does as well.
    This style also fits Benelli Nova and older SBE's (non-Crio).

    But rather than guessing, or fishing around for the answer on the Internet, why not simply call customer service and ask them?

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    Thanks for the info tucker301 I just found a place called tru somethign chokes and they make them for a few of stoegers models so I asked them what will fit I imagine they should no.

    Thanks Again!

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    Ok I got the email back from trulock chokes.

    The Stoeger P-350 uses Beretta/benelli: [Mobil Choke]

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    Good call to purchase an aftermarket modified choke tube. My modified choke was stuck in the barrel after shooting 2 or 3 boxes of ammo through it. I took it back to the gun shop and the guy ripped it out with a pair of vice grips and put in a benelli choke tube. No problems now.

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