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Thread: how is the benelli nova???

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    me and my dad are debating on several guns to get for waterfowling. I like to hunt geese and ducks I like the 3 1/2 capabilities of the the benelli good???How does is hold up???/ Does it shoot nice???/


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    I like the nova I use mine for everything upland, ducks, turkey, skeet, and sporting clays. I especially like the shell stop button this allows me to remove the shell in the chamber without having to worry about the next shell cycling. This makes it quick and easy to switch from 3 to 3.5 inches

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    The nova is in a way an elegant tank. It shoots like a semi-auto (not taking into account the recoil). You really donít need a 3 1/2 gun because if you look at the load data for 3 inch shells they are the same or better then the 3 1/2s because of the tendency of shell manufactures to up play the big payloads which hamper the crucial killing element, velocity. The 3 1/2 is just a feature of this gun along with the shell stop, both of which are nice but donít really make this gun any better then a Winchester or Remington. What makes this gun so good is itís extreme durability. I always hear about people who have taken spills in to muddy water and taken shots seconds after. After this they took it home and hosed it of then sprayed wd-40 on it. This gives you an idea about just how strong it really is. Of course you would not want to treat any gun this way if you want it to last or spray wd-40 on it because it kills primers. The other factor that brought so much attention to this gun and is the key to its reliability, its simplicity. You could count the parts that make up the stock fore-arm and receiver on both hands if you donít count the trigger group. The only downfalls are that the trigger is in no way comparable to an expensive semi-auto and it is a polymer based gun that require much working in. During the break in period you could see potentially a jam as well as a choppy action. After a year I have never had a jam out of either of mine and they just keep getting smoother and smoother. If you treat it good it will return the favor and hold up for unknown generations. It could be thought of as the new 870 in a way, although they are completely different both are willing to stand the test of time.

    Side Note-One of the joys of Nova ownership is using it against the club hot shots with their Citoris and Perazzis. If you get just one extra target over their score they look so pistoff! And never seem to look you in the eye. First day I got my 20 GA. Nova my mom was using it for the first time and it jammed on the line. After words some smart guy came over and said something how they just aren't very good guns. I went out next line to see that it was working and the same guy was shooting. I got a 24/25 . After getting back in to the club house I saw him again and walked up to him and said I guess it works now, in a sarcastically unsure voice trying to hold back a grin. But after all itís not competition just fun and games!

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    Post and my dad are gonna get two of them here shortly. Thanks for all of the info and advice.

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    I've had two novas. One black (stolen) and a new one in camo. The camo one took a little more breaking in. I works great. I've shot deer, duck, geese, swan and quail with it. It's fast and tough. Better warranty than the 870 and easier to clean than a Mossberg.
    You don't always need the 3 1/2, but shots on big stuff like deer, geese and tundra swan, its nice to have that as the first shot coming out.

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    Originally posted by josh:
    me and my dad are debating on several guns to get for waterfowling. I like to hunt geese and ducks I like the 3 1/2 capabilities of the the benelli good???How does is hold up???/ Does it shoot nice???/

    I acutally just bought a Nova and i went out duck and goose hunting and it is the best gun i have had yet!! i recently had a Remington 870 and that was a good gun but really the Benelli is the way to go. The shell stop is a great feature as is the recoil reducer for the bit of those 3 1/2's. The Nova is the very best pump action shotgun i have had a chance to shoot and this is the best gun i would recomend!!

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    I am an avid Duck and Goose hunter that just switched from a Remington 1100 to a Benelli Nova. I am looking for a what shells hold the best pattern to shot in the Nova. With my Remington I used Kent and they were awesome. Any suggestions?

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    No one can tell what shells are going to pattern best with your shotgun. YOU have to go out with various shells and choke tubes and see what patterns best in your gun. That is just the way it is.

    The only thing I can suggest its getting an aftermarket choke IF the chokes you have don't pattern well. Everyone has their pet choke they will suggest. There are a bunch on the market. I have my favorites. Go shoot and pattern it with the shells you intend to hunt with, then come back and ask.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    good luck.

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    I have 3 Nova's, a 28 inch black 12 gauge, 24 inch camo 12 gauge and a 26 inch black 20 gauge. Love em all! No problems at all. Easy to clean. Easy to shoot. Love the shell stop, and love the fact you can unload the gun without chambering a round. My 28 inch has the recoil reducer and a limsaver pad which makes it a dream to shoot with mag. loads.

    buy the gun and don't look back. have fun.


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    Guess the clerk was right. You all seem to have a high opinion of the Nova. Just bought my first shotgun and it was the Nova. Looking forward to finding out what you all have said about it. Thanks.

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