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Thread: do all choke tube numbers match up?

  1. Default do all choke tube numbers match up?

    i have a benelli nova and the number for its modified choke is .703. my brothers gun uses rem chokes and its numder for modified is .710, does this mean my gun is patterning tighter?

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    There are standards, but not all makers follow them explicitly.
    .703 is smaller, but that doesn't mean yours will pattern more tightly.
    Other factors such as the length of the forcing cone and backboring may apply to different guns.

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    All chokes have the same constriction( cyl =0 to full =.035"). The difference is all bores are not the same. The standard for a 12 ga. is from something like .725 to .740" Early SBE was a tight barrel & the Browning Gold is looose barrel. New SBE II is in the middle.

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    close ! you can have two identical chokes as in manufacturers & constrictions and pattern them in the same shotgun and will have different patterns. this has to do with the machining of the choke and it being concentric.

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