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Thread: Surefire M80 Rails on M4 / M1014

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    In the event that SureFire is following this thread: Please remove the SureFire emblem from the side of the M80. It is very untacticool.

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    The official stance from SureFire is that there are no issues with the M80 which would induce the possibility of an FTF, or melting of the thermoplastic handguard onto the gas piston region. This is supposedly based on their extensive field and controlled environment testing .

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    this thread should be stikied
    "Oh, 'bout the hottest, meanet sh*t I can find."

    For a USA made M4 collapsable stock!

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    Just got mine installed and I like it. no gaps, looks very nice, will have to see how it fires with all this expensive rubber and metal.
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    I have an M80 on mine and it seems to be fine so far. Have taken it to a couple tactical shotgun classes and it seems to run just fine.
    Wasn't Mesa Tactical coming out with a Rail system for the M4?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flame Red View Post
    I took my M1014 out to the range and put 100 rounds thru her without any malfunctions what so ever. I am very confident that this repair does work. Also, I noted that the tape did not stick to the tubes on the barrel even after all that firing.

    First of all, here is a picture of the 3M tape I used. It is available at WallyWorld and other auto parts stores. I have seen it in the store in 1/2" and one inch widths. 1/2" is perfect. This tape sticks great and is the perfect thickness. It is used to stick exterior body parts on cars, like bug shields, aftermarket ground effect kits, etc. It is pretty tough stuff.

    The red arrows point to the area of rubber on the M80 that the tubes can rub against causing a FTF:

    Note I held it up side down and the barrel is on the bottom.
    Could you please re-post your pics if you still have them as I am having the same problem?

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    Please repost pics. Have a buddy with this issue.

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    Those images were posted on Photobucket and this year they began charging $300 a year to allow folks to post pictures on 3rd party web sites like here.

    Try this link to see those pictures directly:

    I sold the Surefire M80 and got a B&T Quad-Rail instead and it works just fine without any modifications.

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    Man that blows. Thanks for the pics. Can't blow them up but got an idea now

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