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Thread: Super Nova replacement barrels way $$$

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    Default Super Nova replacement barrels way $$$

    I recently purchased a Super Nova tactical primarily for home defense reasons. I live in hurricane alley and didnt think my AR15 and pistols would be enough protection for me and my wife. A few weeks later, i was invited to go trap shooting with some buddies. I know that this gun isnt the ideal setup for this but i figured what the heck. I would give me another excuse to go shooting. I was more then thoroughly impressed. With a 18.5 inch full open barrel I was able to consistently hit 17-18 clays.

    Trouble is now I am addicted to trap and would like to get involved into skeet and sporting clays. Knowing how easily the barrels are interchanged, I immediately began my search for a replacement barrel. Figuring that the cheapest solution would be to have a range barrel and a HD barrel.

    After getting the run around from some local dealers about pricing, and a exhausting search online. I decided to call benelli. The rep recommended the usual 3 benelli parts dealers and she told me the barrel had a MSRP of $300.00! Gun parts Corp (1 of the recommended dealers has them listed about $367.00. Any one else find this insane?

    Even more perplexing is, at my local Bass Pro Shops the sell the Super Nova with 26in barrel for 330.00! brand spanking new!

    Am i to believe that it is cheaper to buy an complete other gun then it is to buy a replacement barrel? If that is the case it pays to buy one just for the spare parts. I was not aware these gun were as disposable as a bottle of water.

    Has anybody else run into this?

    Please dont take this the wrong way. I have no regrets in purchasing my Super Nova. And wouldnt mind having two. It performs well beyond my expectations. It just appears that they are not economically repairable. Now, I just have to think of a way of con'ing my wife into why i have to purchase another shotgun so soon. Any suggestions?

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    Yes, extra barrels are high priced. I had a extra barrel and sold it for the same price as I paid for the gun. As far as the wife thing goes. Just don't tell her! LOL Just kidding! I'm sure you will think of something.
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    I love my SuperNova but it seems that if you have luck finding a part you need it is a boatload of money. I also was looking into buying a slug barrel or sporting barrel and when I saw what they were going for my jaw dropped.

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