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Thread: Benelli Nova Disassembly

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    Where can I find a video about disassembling my benelli nova.

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    To be honest BSR, i have a SuperNova which is nearly identical and it is my first shotgun. I have never fully disassembled a gun in my life until that one and it was quite easy. If you started taking it apart and got stuck, you could PM me or even post here and i could help you.

    - Enjoy your Nova

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    Quote Originally Posted by bsr0720 View Post
    Where can I find a video about disassembling my benelli nova.
    Are you having trouble?

    1. close bolt

    2. unscrew barrel cap

    3. open bolt half way

    4. take barrel off

    5. close bolt

    6 use barrel cap to push out receiver pins (2 pins in the middle of the receiver)

    7. pull out trigger housing.

    8.holding the bolt, turn gun up (like normal), pull out the pump forend.

    9. press the rotary bolt together to work out the bolt.

    10. press out firing pin PIN. ( pin in the back of the bolt.)

    11. remove firing pin and spring.


    If you don't understand this, PM me if you need anything else. This is the best gun I've every seen to field strip.


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