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Thread: MR1 rifle scope mounting ?

  1. Default MR1 rifle scope mounting ?

    Does anyone have experience mounting a standard rifle scope on the MR1?

    I have read that due to the height of the rear factory sight, the scope must be mounted well above the normal sight plane. This would prevent normal cheek weld and stock positioning when sighting through the scope.

    Is it possible to remove the factory rear sight to allow normal positioning of the scope? Would the integral front ramp sight interfere with the scope's line of sight?


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    The rear sight is attached with two screws and can be removed. It is independent of the rail.

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  4. Default huh ?

    Great. Got two answers. One on the forum, one by email. One says the rear sight is easily removed. The other says can't be done.

    Is there a Benelli employee out there who reads these posts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcutlermd View Post

    is there a benelli employee out there who reads these posts?
    the forums are not a conduit to customer service. All customer service questions and concerns should be directed to customer service via phone or email (301-283-6981). Do not post customer service questions in the forums.

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    I guess it's not removable if you don't have the right sized hex key.

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    Hi tcutlermd and welcome to the forum. Does the manual have the exploded parts diagram?

    If it shows two screws being used to secure the rear sight like Tucker mentioned, it would seem like removing them would produce the desired result. I can't see it being unremovable unless it's welded on there.

    If you don't have the parts breakdown diagram. Numrich may offer it in their schematics section.

    What kind of scope do you want to mount?



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    The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation and is attached to the upper receiver with two hex screws.

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    I have removed mine and put a 3x12x40 Burris scope on mine. It works like a charm. Two star screws hold it on.

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