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Thread: Supernova Tactical price

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    Default Supernova Tactical price

    I'm being quote $439 shipped from BudGunShop.......

    I've seen some prices mentioned in the high $300 range......... any suggestions on getting a good price? (I'm aware of the $50 rebate). Thanks for any insight.

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    bus is usually the best price ive found

    my local store has them for 419 this week


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    i picked up a supernova tactical pistol grip for $385 yesterday at Larrys Pistol and Pawn in Huntsville Al. you might can order from their website.

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    Picked one up yesterday at Cabela's. 439.00 minus 85.00 when for signing up for a cabela's Visa and minus 50.00 for a Benelli mail in rebate. My total price will be 346.00 when I get the rebate back. Shot it today and was impressed. Was initially thinking I screwed up not getting one with the ghost ring sights and getting open rifle sights. I shot a group nearly as good as my AK at 50 yds. Will post a pic as soon as I get he required 5 posts.
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