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Thread: stoeger 2000 magazine extensions drum kits other accessories?

  1. Default stoeger 2000 magazine extensions drum kits other accessories?

    Just got my 2000 was pretty skeptical for the price and after reading some of the reviews on earlier versions before cnc machining have only run about 175 rounds through it so far with 0 issues (well my girlfriend didn't push a round far enough into the mag and it slid into the carrier which would just increase the capacity) I digress the point of this thread is to create an easy to find resource for stoeger 2000 accessories and kits.

    My current interest is finding a drum kit for the 2000, anyone know where to find one?

    I have located a couple of mag tube extension kits. nordic components makes one from +2 to +8 rounds. I am seriously considering this purchase currently. There is also one from unknown target +2 or +4 which are longer than the nordic ones and a little more expensive.

    I have already purchased a limbsaver #10008 unfortunately it did not fit correctly i had to remove some material from the lip that fits inside the stock to get the pad to fit flush on the stock. I contacted limbsaver to try and find out why the one listed for the stoeger m200 doesn't fit correctly i even checked the factory recoil pad against their template and it was a perfect match but the actual part was off by 3/8". still waiting for a reply. Does anyone know if my defense model with the pistol grip needs a different size?

    The only other accessory i have seen that i am considering purchasing so far is B-square's saddle mount so that i can add a ghost ring or scope. B-square only advertises it as fitting the benelli montefeltro but after scouring some other forums i have found posters saying they have used it on their stoegers and it fits like a glove.

    Does anyone else have any good recommendations for m2000 accessories?

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    Drums(X-Rail) are a bad idea on inertia guns, nor will you find one with Stoeger's thread pitch. They are marketed for the M1/M2, but my understanding is that to be 100%, having the bolt lightened is pretty much a necessity.

    On the Defense, I would highly recommend the Unknown Target extension, as it is one-piece, and has a much heavier wall.

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    Try this again.

    The Unknown Target/Flatland Forge extension would be most recommended for your defense model, as it is 1 piece, and much thicker-walled. NC is nice and clean cut, but two-piece designs are less impact tolerant.

    Drum systems, I'm assuming you mean the X rail, are a bad idea on inertia guns, they're just waaaaayyy too heavy. They are marketed for the M1/M2, but from what I'm hearing, for 100% reliability, guys are having to have their bolts milled(lightened), and tweaking springs. Also, the Stoeger mag tube threads are not Benelli-compatible, so its rather a moot point.

    Personally, I would stay away from the extra weight of the B Square, and go with a drill-n-tap mount, or call Burris, and see if you can find/try a FastFire receiver/stock mount that can be made compatible.

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    I think you are wasting your $$$ trying to pimp out an M2000 into a defensive shotgun. I have an M2000 and it's a great sporting shotgun, but there are better platforms availible for defense: Benelli Nova, Mossberg 590A1, Remington 870P.

    I would not trust any semi auto shotgun for defense except a Benelli M-4 and there is no way I'm spending the $$$ on one.

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    thanks for the additional information...
    it is what it is for a <$500 semi auto its gone boom and cycled the next shell in every time (275 rounds through it so far not a ton but beyond the "break in" period). It's what i have could i have made another choice sure. Next auto loader will probably be a saiga. I see no problem spending a couple bucks to make my 2000 more enjoyable it's cheaper than buying another gun. I keep it clean and in good functioning order and have no problem relying on it for home defense. As if staring down the barrel of a 12 gauge isn't enough deterrent anyway.
    I'm not trying to pimp it in to a defense gun anyway it came with the pistol grip and 18.5 barrel adding a sight mount and mag ext just bring it dang close to the configuration of the m4 for less than half the price. no need for the auto cleaning gas tubes the inertia system doesn't have any.

    put some rims on that pinto
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    Not sure what the lock-up was; I had a reply for you a week or more ago.

    Anyhow, X-Rail does not work well on the Benellis, without extensive tweaking, which will make it a basically dedicated X-rail platform. At least this is the concensus of several 3 gunners, and two X-rail owners. You have around 800 grams of weight you can add, before you have to change springs, bolt mass and loads.

    Mag tube threading is proprietary to Stoeger, as well, so Nordic and Unknown Target are your current options. I would highly recommend the UT extension on a home defense gun, as it is heavier walled, and one piece.

    Here's my thread with pics & thoughts.

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    Thanks Rob,
    I kind of figured a drum kit would be too much weight if i could even find one.
    As for the mag ext. i do like the idea of a sturdier 1 piece but am still leaning towards the nordic mostly because i can get the +3 and only have less than an inch of extension past the barrel. with the flatland im basically stuck with +2 as the +4 would be about 4" longer than the barrel and that kind of defeats the purpose of a short barrel. I see you mentioned they have a +3 but i cant find it anywhere. You also mentioned a need to finish the interior of the ut ext. that's a lot more of a pitb for me mostly because i dont have a good space to try and spray and dry something.
    I was checking out the burris speed bead too.
    300249- Speed Bead, Stoeger 2000, P-350
    far too rich for my blood though and i don't really need a rear sight for home defense purposes or clays which is about all im really doing with it so far. however if i decide to actually get out hunting it could be useful. at that point i may just pick up the 20" cantilevered barrel and slap a scope on it for deer. I do plan to keep my eyes open for a cheap deal on the burris and see what any of my local shops might charge to drill and tap a weaver on it.
    your thread is quite informative a little daunting for a newb i may try and tackle the stiff bolt release soon but so far it hasn't really slowed me down. I practiced waiting for the clay to fly and loading/firing while the clay is still in the air and the bolt release didn't really cause me any issues then.

    Also looking for an inexpensive case that will fit the pistol grip?
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