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Thread: Is the difference in price worth it for the SBE2 Waterfowl vs SBE2 Standard?

  1. Default Is the difference in price worth it for the SBE2 Waterfowl vs SBE2 Standard?

    I just received my PAL (Canadian Possession and Acquisition License) and I am looking to buy my first gun. I am not new to shooting at all. I have never done waterfowl, but I am interested in giving it a try, I mostly shoot clay.

    After a lot of research and advisement, the Super Black Eagle II looks like a fantastic gun, and the Super Black Eagle II Waterfowl Edition only adds to that.

    My question is, do the features on the SBE2 Waterfowl Edition($2900) warrant it's $1200 price increase from the standard SBE2($1700)?

    The other thing is that, I have a friend willing to sell me a slightly used SBE2 Waterfowl Edition for about $1600, I am trying to be conservative but not cheap, should I be looking for something better at a lower price, or a used standard SBE2?

    Extra Information:

    SBE2 Waterfowl Edition comes with:
    Rob Roberts Custom Triple Threat Chokes
    Custom Bolt Handle
    HI VIZ Comp front sight
    Paracord Survival Sling
    28" Crio Barrel with lengthened and polished forcing cone

    SBE2 Standard comes with:
    Crio Cokes
    Large Trigger Guard
    Heavy Duty Magazine Cap
    Hard Gun Case
    Comfortech Shim Kit

    They both come with ComforTech Gel Recoil Pad and Comb insert.
    I am waiting for a response from Benelli to confirm or deny that you get all the standard extra's with the Waterfowl Edition.

    Thanks for reading this and I look forward to your responses.
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    I wouldn't pay the extra money for the waterfowl edition.
    The stock SBEII will kill just as many ducks.

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    My shotguns are all black on black. The ducks don't care what color your shotgun is. Save that money and buy some good waders and coat.

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    elizataylor Guest


    Yeah! I love my shotguns so much!

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    Black stock in flat back will kill just as many waterfowl as camo!

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    Rafaelbaixesoft Guest


    Shotguns are nice...

    the precision range is the problem

    but close range is the most powerful thing in the world

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    So, Which one did you buy? My money would have gone with the friends used waterfowl edition.

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    I killed many more ducks with my trusty SBE than with the SBE2 that I own. i would not spend extra for waterfowl as ole black does just as well.I would spend some of that savings on a Sure Cycle system as it DOES make a difference in cycling & reliability in a wet duck blind!!

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    Based on the info you've given...the used Waterfowl Edition is a $100 cheaper than a new SBEII. If the Waterfowl Edition is in great it! You really won't notice much of a difference between the two but heck, if you get the gun with all the bells and whisles you'll have $100 left to buy shells or accessories.

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    Don't buy a benelli camo dipped gun. Every one I have ever seen has start chipping and peeling. Rediculous that they cannot fix it on a $1500 gun, but mossberg can on a $400.00 one.

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