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Thread: New Product Announcement - Benelli M4 Mount from - Discount Available

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    Got my production unit installed today, standby for pictures and a write up...

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    I received my production model unit from AVA Tactical today. I replaced my prototype model that I've been using for about five or six months. Upon disassembly of my prototype, there were minor wear marks present on my Cerakote finish. Personally I do not care, but others might. So if you're concerned about your finish beneath a mount, I would recommend using some sort of buffering tape.

    Cerakote wears easier than anodizing or phosphate finishes no matter what anyone says. You can see the minor burnishing in these pictures. No design changes would ever be able to avoid this. The barrel flexes under recoil.

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    Here are some finished shots of the installation:

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    Bottom line is, this is the best weapon light mounting setup out there for the Benelli M4. This design could probably adapted to other platforms successfully and provide a superior product than what is currently out there. The main benefits are the tool free disassembly of the M4 is retained. The mount is fixed to the barrel, so any laser type devices installed should hold a zero during maintenance.

    The mount itself is extremely lightweight. Think around two ounces for the mount, plus the weight of your light. This eliminates all the bulky rail options that are prevalent.

    The unit itself is beautifully machined. Attention to detail is obvious. The way the unit blends into the curves of the M4 are obvious and shows a fluid design intent by its creator. The use of torx T15 fasteners is a nice touch. The added strength of the fasteners is apparent. The install is very straight forward and simple. There are only two different types of fasteners. All use the T15 torx bit. All have the same 0.6 metric thread pitch. I'll post some pictures to go along with the units installation below.

    It should also be mentioned that the unit is reversible. If you're a lefty, just flip it and you can mount the light or rail side on whichever side you like. Yes, a Surefire X300 Ultra will fit on the railed section. So if you're right handed, and want a Surefire X200/X300/X300 Ultra/X400/X400 Ultra mounted to the left side, it is an option. You also have the option of using a XT07 tape switch if you so choose. I tried it here:

    Light options should be cleared up in the near future. Sadly you can't use a Surefire Scout, but as AVA Tactical mentioned, there were complications. Sourcing an E body light and using the Surefire M600C head is an option. I'm using it myself along with a different momentary activation button.

    Here you can see the two different sizes of fasteners. The smaller 0.330" long T15 Torx fasteners hold the upper portion of the flashlight ring to the body of the mount.

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    These are quality fasteners. They don't strip out easily. 20 INCH Pounds has been specified.

    I still recommend Locktite 242 for the fasteners to prevent loosening.
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