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Thread: New Ethos FTF/FTE

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    Default New Ethos FTF/FTE

    A friend is having FTF/FTE problems with his new Ethos...

    Day-1 the gun ran 1-1/8 oz Fed target loads w/zero failures.
    Day-2 and Day-3: 20% of the same loads failed to feed reliably.
    Tried Win target (not AA) and had same result.

    Gun returned for repair, but was curious if this is rare, or typical?



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    I'd say it is rare. The consensus is that a new gun must be cleaned before use, and that a break-in period may be required.

    I am guessing that since it ran fine on Day 1 but not Day 2 that the fouling etc from Day 1 is what messed up Day 2.

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    I'm told the gun was thoroughly cleaned and lightly oiled after the first day of use. This guy is meticulous with his firearms (unlike me, as I absolutely hate cleaning guns). Capt_C

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    I am having the exact same problem! I have a brand new Ethos, 1 month old. The first time I went to the range for some skeet and trap shooting I put 5 boxes (125 rounds) through it, and I had one Failure to Feed (FTF) problem. The second time I shot another 5 boxes (125 rounds) and I had 3 FTF issues. The fourth and fifth times I again shout 4~5 boxes (100~125 rounds) each time and now I am experiencing about a 20% failure rate to feed. The first shell ejects fine, but when feeding the second shell it will get stuck before being pushed in by the bolt action.

    I have used all kinds of ammo:

    Remington Premier STS Target Loads, 2 3/4", 1 1/8 shot oz, # 8 shot size
    Remington Premier STS Target Loads, 2 3/4", 1 1/8 shot oz, # 9 shot size
    Remington Gun Club Target Loads, 2 3/4", 1 1/8 shot oz, # 8 shot size
    Winchester Target Load, 2 3/4", 1 1/8 shot oz, # 8 shot size
    Federal Premium Top Gun Target, 2 3/4", 1 1/8 shot oz, # 8 shot size

    The shotshell loadings varied between 2 3/4 ~ 3 dram equivalent shot.

    I will also say that I am an engineer and I am anal about cleaning my gun, lubricating and servicing it. I cleaned the gun before the first time I used it, and every time after I have returned from the gun range.

    Needless to say, I am EXTREMELY disappointed and frustrated by this issue!!! I would not have expected this from a brand new mid~top of the line "Benelli" (Ethos). I thought Benelli's were supposed to be reliable and superior to most other manufacturers.

    Any help or information would be appreciated, please!

    Thanks -- Cameron
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    more pics... From the previous post you can see the red shotshell stuck in the receiver.
    In the pictures here below you can see the barrel removed and where the shotshell (pink) gets stuck and fails to feed (FTF). The last picture shows the inside side of the receiver where the shotshell rubs against.

    It would almost appear to me as if the SPRING and CARRIER LATCH (that keeps the second shotshell in the magazine tube is to stiff and pinches the second shotshell against the inside wall of the receiver as it is trying to feed it into the chamber of the barrel...

    Any ideas or help would be appreciated, please.

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    Apparently we are not the only people whom are experiencing failure to feed (FTF) issues... See:

    Benelli Super Vinci Failure to Feed / Eject:

    Searching the Internet this appears to be more common than we would like to believe.


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    I also have the same FTF with my Ethos. The gun was returned to Benelli for repair in September. They modified the drop lever and replaced the shell latch. I believe the shell latch was redesigned and it took them almost 2 months to get the new style shell latch ready from Italy. Unfortunately the gun still has the same FTF problem after all that work was sent back to Benelli today.

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    Update: My FTF issue was getting progressively worse. Around the beginning of December 2014 I sent the Benelli Ethos in for service. Benelli serviced the shotgun, replacing some parts, turned it around and shipped it back within 2 weeks. I have not yet had a chance to take the shotgun to the range to test it and see if the FTF issue had been resolved. I will update this thread with the results once I have more info.

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    Another data point: Shooting in a Sporting Clays winter league (using my Super Vinci) another shooter asked about my Benelli shotgun... I told him that other than being Super-Ugly, I loved the gun... it was flawless in function. He mentioned that he had recently purchased an Ethos, and had significant FTF issues... returned it twice, and was getting worse instead of better. I wanted an Ethos when they were first announced, as my SV and M2 are 100% reliable so far, but after talking with several shooters I'm leaning toward the Beretta A400.

    BTW: The gun that I referenced in my original post is now running about 99% reliable... usually 1 FTF on a course of 100 rounds.


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    Here is another new Ethos gun with same FTF, Failure to Feed, issue:
    I have a friend who has had all the exact same issues listed above. About 3 months after purchasing, on March 6, 2014 & shooting about 500 rounds, it started with about 10% FTF.
    Returned gun to Gun Dealer in July 2014, he sent it to Benelli. It came back after 3 weeks. After about 400 rounds, it got progressively worse. Have now shot about 1200 rounds and about 5-10% FTF. Never know when the 2nd shot is going to fire or jam. Very frustrating and many people are asking why?
    We are now going back to Benelli directly with this continuing complaint and dissatisfaction.

    We have done everything mentioned in this blog and as described above: changing ammo loads, different shooters try it, meticulously cleaning it, tried all ideas from knowledgeable shooters and improvements…nothing works.

    It is just not reliable, EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED and frustrated. This should not be happening to a brand new top of the line Benelli ETHOS shotgun, highly advertised and endorsed by many experts. It is advertised to handle all light and heavy loads.
    Hopefully, someone or Benelli knows how to correct this major engineering flaw? Any ideas and help would be greatly appreciated.

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