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Thread: BENELLI OPTIC RAIL The decisive Trijicon RMR mount for the Benelli m4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broken Legend View Post
    You convinced me, I'm in for 1. I just happen to already own the Trijicon RMR. Might have to buy another RMR though, my pistol likes it where it is. You could probably sell the RMR on your website and put it up as a package deal.
    Thanks. Your BOR will ship out today. Post some pics when you get it set up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Broken Legend View Post
    By the way, do you recommend the 6.5 MOA dot or the 3.25 MOA ?
    Both MOA are great. Both have their applications. But we lean towards the 3.5 MOA. Aim small, miss small.

    To the human eye the dot appears much brighter than in the above video. It's a really great sighting setup.
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    Decided to buy one of these. I'll be placing an order in the next week or so. It'll be going on an M4 H20 that is being sent to Australia. It's going on a working gun made for feral pigs eradication.

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    Awesome! Feral pigs won't stand a chance with that combo. If you can, please post a pic of the completed weapon: we'de love to see the BOR/RMR on an m4 with H2O finish.
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    Will try to get some. My task is to assemble the aftermarket parts, then ship them to the FFL handling the export.

    Basic plan for the build is;
    Benelli M4 H20
    Benelli OEM collapsible stock with the aluminum frame, cheek guard fasteners, steel grip block coated in NP3+
    Benelli OEM Trigger guard coated in NP3+
    FFT Trigger
    FFT Disconnector
    FFT 1/2" Titanium bolt handle
    TTI Shell Elevator
    TTI Safety (Coated in NP3+)
    GG&G Oversized Bolt Release (Coated in NP3+)
    Ava Tactical Light Mount (Coated in NP3+)
    Surefire KE2-A 500 Lumen Light Head (Cerakoted to match the NP3)
    Surefire Lumamax I4 Light Body and Tailcap (Cerakoted to match the NP3)
    Meprolight Night Sights
    Scalarworks Top Rail
    Trijicon RMR LED Adjustable Optic (Cerakoted to match the NP3)
    IWC Magpul MOE QD Sling Mount for the Collapsible Stock
    BlueForceGear Padded QD Sling with aluminum hardware, Typhoon Kryptec pattern

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    Nevermind. Found the answer in the manual on your website.
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    You guys have a beautifully designed website.

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    Looking forward to SD's thoughts on this.

    It looks really well done, and I am likely to add one of these to my M4.
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    AVA Tactical Benelli M4 Mounts:

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    I received the Trijicon RMR Adjustable LED the other day. Pictures are misleading on the units size. These units are tiny. The only negative aspect of using the RMR I have found is the battery replacement. You have to unscrew the two fasteners that holds the unit to the Scalarwork rail in order to replace the battery. It isn't a deal breaker, just something you have to accept. I could think of no way around the issue from an engineering standpoint.

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    looks interesting, It would be very nice with a side-saddle carrier...

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    When using NV in conjunction with the RMR does one view the RMR thru the NV (e.g. a PVS-14) using one eye or does one view thru the NV with one eye and sight thru the RMR with the other eye?
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