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Thread: Intensity Magazine issue

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    While hunting i have been experiencing an issue with my shotgun releasing shells out of the magazine out of nowhere. So sitting in the blind on a chair with my gun in my lap i hear a "click". Look down to see what is going on and both shells that were in the magazine were released and now sitting loose in the loading port.

    any help would be great! season is here and would rather not send the gun in for repair. (unless i have too)

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    I'd say that you inadvertently hit the cartridge drop lever and released a shell from the magazine. However, even if you did, only one shell should exit the magazine. If both are coming out and especially if you are sure you haven't somehow hit the cartridge drop lever (small lever with red dot on the front right portion of the trigger guard) then something is certainly wrong. If you've cleaned the gun and there isn't any crap in the trigger assembly, then I'd call Franchi service and see about sending it back.


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    100% positive I am not hitting the cartridge drop lever. It happens once or twice per hunt. Ill take out the trigger assembly, give it a good cleaning and see what happens.

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    Mine is doing the same thing. It will release one while just sitting there. Or it will release 2 shells after the shot. Love the gun, but this problem is getting anoying.

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    Mine does the exact same thing too. It released 2 shells at a time about 4 times within 100 rounds of shooting. I was using 3" steel shot. And after all that now the bolt release button is almost impossible to press in.

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    bump this please

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