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Thread: CZ USA vs Franchi

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    Hello All, I am new to this forum, and don't know a whole lot about shotguns. Currently doing some research, as I wish to purchase an over/under shotgun to be utilized in shooting upland birds in Hawaii. We shoot mostly pheasants and francolins.

    Wanted something that weighed 6.5 pounds or less, as we do a lot of walking on some rough terrain.

    Came up with the CZ Ultra light Green for about $750 with a 28 inch barrel, vs the Franchi Instinct L at $1,200 or the SL at $1,450 all 28 inch barrels.

    Any suggestions, comments, pros vs cons would be greatly appreciated.

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    IMO you won't go wrong with any of your above options.

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    You usually get what you pay for. The quality on the Franchi guns is a little better than the CZ. Both are functional but if you have the money, you probably won't regret going with the Franchi. The CZ I owned was ok. The Franchi guns I still own are excellent.


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    you can rest assured that anything that Benelli makes is top of the line PERIOD.....

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