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Thread: Benelli M4 damage - is this normal wear?

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    Well, Benelli replaced the barrel with another CL Barrel, but this one has the ledge on the rear specifically for the non-M1014 models (it takes up the space under the handgaurds). The barrel the replaced it with was "used," but it looked like it was at most a new blem, as it had a ding close to the crown, but all factory parkerizing was impecable (even in the ding), and the bore/pistons looked as though they had only been test fired. They said that the barrel I had with the damage was a very old model.
    Correct all around. They owe you proper handguards to fit it, or you can buy some FFT's (not as good as OEM), or some take-offs, or actual OEM's new.

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    Well, it already had the correct hangaurds, I had recently purchased the CL barrel from a member here.

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    How the FFT compare to OEM? What they lack?

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