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    I just purchased a slightly used R1 in 30-06 with the camo stock, the gun shoots and functions great.
    Can anyone tell me about maintaining the gas operating system?

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    Appears that I stumbled upon a ghost town........

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    Congrats on your R1. It is a great rifle. Yeah, this is a quiet forum. As for cleaning, after general range sessions or hunts, i just swab the barrel and maybe spray some dry lube on the action. For full cleaning, you can tear the whole rifle down and spray with your favorite cleaner. In all honesty, its been about five years since I removed the barrel and thoroughly cleaned everything. Shooting clean burning ammo helps minimize the need for a deep clean, too. Mine holds zero after removing the barrel and reinstalling it too.

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    Thanks for the reply

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    Can anyone tell me more about the history of this gun, is it still imported into the US?

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