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Thread: WTB: Carrier Comp charging handle - I'll pay double

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    Me too - but I'm more of a machin'ish than a machinist! You do much better work than I am capable of.

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    I'll invest!

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    Me Me Me!!

    Everyone interested send an email to [email protected]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toaster View Post
    Me Me Me!!

    Everyone interested send an email to [email protected]
    Does this mean that Kip agreed to make more if there's enough interest? Or are you just saying to keep bothering him until he makes more?

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    Kip is pretty imperturbable. I doubt he will be bothered into anything. The man moves through his projects like a glacier. A really precise and exacting glacier.

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    I think they're focusing on magazine tubes so they don't end up in the 6+ month wait periods.

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    It's not a bother it's a notice of interest.

    If anyone needs to know, it's them. Send a message.

    Most people can't even do the simplest thing, and that's a great start.
    I'm sure it will have some effect.
    Even on a glacier. They're melting, I heard

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    Quote Originally Posted by les_garten View Post
    Would ya take 5 Hen's teeth for it?
    Maybe if you threw in a few frog hairs.

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