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Thread: Installed FFT/Wolff Springs- no change in trigger pull

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    Default Installed FFT/Wolff Springs- no change in trigger pull

    Just as the title says . . .

    I have an M4 with a horrible trigger pull. No creep but extremely heavy. So I installed the FFT/Wolff spring pack. No change. Ok, the break is a tad better. Was I expecting too much? I thought it was good for a 2lb reduction.

    Several years ago I installed an FFT hammer in another M4 for 922r and it did lighten things up. I suppose I have to go that route again? FFT no longer sells them separate though. Not sure I want to drop another $200 on their hammer/trigger bundle.

    Any thoughts? I may try the TTI trigger spring . . .

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    I had bad luck with the TTI springs. Light primer strikes after installing their hammer spring.

    Spring kits provide minimal benefit in most cases.

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    I may just get their trigger spring and see what happens.

    Barring that, I guess I will just have to put some rounds through it to see if it improves.

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    That can help. I would not recommend any trigger job type work on the sear contact points. While it may seem nice at first, the soft material below will quickly deform and cause issues.

    Use a good grease like Brian Enos' Slide Glide on the sear contact points. This will make a marginal improvement on the break.

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    Rounds down range.
    Also take everything apart and lube anything that slides or pivots during trigger pull. If you have a polymer trigger group, I bet it has a ton of **** in it. The one I took apart was full of plastic shavings etc.

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    Just an update.
    I installed the TTI reduced power trigger spring.
    I would say it lessened the pull by a pound, maybe 1.5lbs.
    There is a little creep now but I don't mind as it lets you know what is happening.

    The spring didn't like to stay in the pocket like the factory one or the Wolff ones during installation.
    A dab of grease was used to hold it in place. Also, I didn't pay enough attention to the trigger pin
    and it walked out far enough to let the shell release lever spring (which requires 3 hands to reinstall) fly
    across the room.

    Take this with a grain of salt. This is just an example of one. I think it was worth it for $7.99.
    The trigger has gone from atrocious to merely bad. Who knows how these parts would work in a trigger
    pack that wasn't so bad from the beginning.

    I will update again once I put some more rounds through it.
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    I installed all Wolff/FFT springs in my FCG. The action of all the parts is more robust, and the trigger pull is slightly higher in weight, but feels a tad crisper. This is my experience normally when using heavier springs on the same surfaces.

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