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Thread: Barrel Porting

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    Hello, how come I haven't seen many ported 18.5 M4s?

    Any recommendation?


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    Vang Comp is kinda the guy when it comes to shotgun barrel porting, but there was a specific reason he wouldn't touch benelli barrels. I can't recall the details. I could even be wrong.

    I would check with them and Rose Action Sports.

    Obviously this would preclude chokes and suppressors...
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    AVA Tactical Benelli M4 Mounts:

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    I know the ones from Salient are ported. Never tried one to see how much of a reduction in recoil they provide vs the increased noise and flash generated. Magnaport may be an option.

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    Vang would not jug choke benelli barrels because of the chrome lining and the thinness of the m1 barrels. Porting a shotgun is of very minor if any benefit due to the low pressure round. It just creates more noise, flash, and hot Gass to disrupt anything placed over it (like a body part, etc)

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    Well I figure on the 18 inch barrel it's not tactical at all so might as well make it tacticool. Brakes look cool, but not on a shotgun.

    I don't really care about noise and flash. Sounds cool. Adds excitement.

    So I'd need a non choked barrel eh? Bummer

    Maybe I'll go the other way and look into suppressing it.

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    I don't like brakes on benellis either...

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    AVA Tactical Benelli M4 Mounts:

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    I'd consider a Limbsaver for that Magpul UBR to take some bite off of the perceived recoil.

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    VEPR? I'm in the market to get one if somebody has some leads

    Just having fun ricing my M4, TBH

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    I don't like the glue on the Meprolight or how they are hard to see during light.

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    The glue?

    Some have sent the regular sights to tooltech and had Trijicons put in. I think they have more of the white ring around them for daytime visibility.

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